Swedish Women's Health

With almost 12,000 babies born at Swedish each year—more than at any other hospital in Washington state—we’re committed to providing the highest level of pregnancy and newborn care.

But that’s only one part of a woman’s healthcare needs, and for some it’s not a part at all.

For years, the medical community has struggled to prepare women for the physical and emotional experience they might experience with menopause. At the Women’s Wellness and Gyn Specialty Services Clinic, every woman will find coordinated care that meets her unique needs now and in the future, with a focus on prevention, menopause and healthy aging. Rebecca Dunsmoor-Su, M.D., medical director of the new clinic, shared more about her vision for the clinic in a recent interview.

And with a record number of women on track to reach menopause by 2025, according to the National American Menopause Society, these services are needed now more than ever.  

You can ensure this unique program is available for your loved ones and women throughout our community. Your investment will build the foundation for a welcoming space where women can receive coordinated care to stay healthy throughout their lives. Philanthropy will also help us offer educational programs and other services that support wellness but are not typically reimbursed by insurance.

Women’s Wellness

What you’ll find at the Women’s Wellness and Gyn Services Clinic

  • Cardiovascular care is not one-size-fits-all. Our specialists provide care tailored especially for women, who can experience different heart disease symptoms than men do. 
  • Pelvic health is an essential part of women’s health. The Swedish Pelvic Health Program has specialized nurse navigators to help women access the right care for their concerns.
  • Wellness services, from nutrition consultations to behavioral healthcare help women stay healthy physically, as well as emotionally.
  • A nurse navigator will ensure our patients get the most from our comprehensive approach to healthcare with less hassle.
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