Stories: Drs. Anthony Lo and Susan Scanlan

Drs. Anthony Lo and Susan Scanlan

“When you drink the water, remember the source.”

For nearly three decades, Anthony Lo, DPM, has dedicated his professional life to practicing podiatric medicine at Swedish. He and his wife, Susan Scanlan, DPM, who is now retired, share a true passion for getting people back on their feet.

The couple’s lifelong commitment to medicine has inspired them to make a lasting impact that extends beyond their lifetimes by naming Swedish as a beneficiary in their will.

Given the intrinsic tie between podiatry, primary care and family medicine, Tony and Susan are particularly impressed at how our family medicine program has grown into one of the country's most sought-after residency programs.

“Community outreach and basic healthcare needs will always exist and must continue to be met,” says Susan. “It gives us a huge sense of pride to strengthen this work through our planned gift.”

Knowing that our excellent care is available to every member of the community whenever it’s needed also inspires the couple to give back. “By supporting Swedish, you are effectively helping your own family and friends at some point,” adds Susan.

Both Susan and Tony profess that their belief in the power of philanthropy can be summed up by the Chinese proverb, “When you drink the water, remember the source.” To them, these words signify how many thoughtful people over the years have kept Swedish the exceptional healthcare provider it is today because of their hard work and generosity.

“We want to make sure Swedish remains strong for the future—and for that to happen, people must contribute. Swedish has been a source of our own financial success, and we want to honor how much it does for the wider community by giving back,” shares Tony.

For more information on how to become a Legacy Partner by including Swedish in your will or trust, please contact Andrea King at 206-386-3379 or [email protected].