Anushka Saxena

A teenager taking on COVID-19

In the fight against COVID-19, supporters of all ages have come together to ensure our physicians, nurses and other frontline caregivers have what they need to care for our patients. Many have made generous in-kind donations of masks, hand sanitizer, meals for caregivers and more. Others, like 15-year-old Anushka Saxena, have rallied their community to the cause. The soon-to-be sophomore at Skyline High School has been raising funds to support Swedish Issaquah, as well as Maimonides Hospital in New York.

She knew from watching the news that the rising number of cases in Washington meant local hospitals—including Swedish—were facing PPE shortages. She launched her fundraiser on April 10, and to date has raised more than $1,200. “It was uplifting to see so many neighbors and people in my community who were ready to help out,” says Anushka.

While the unexpected transition to online schooling and staying home the past few months have been challenging, she thinks it has also been an opportunity to pause from the bustle of pre-pandemic life and become more engaged with her community through her fundraiser. “You have to go out of your comfort zone and try to connect with people,” says Anushka. “It’s important to share your story so they know where you’re coming from, and will be more interested in supporting your cause.”

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