Swedish Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute

One in four Americans suffer from bone or joint health problems, and the number continues to rise as we live longer, more active lifestyles. As the first dedicated facility of its kind in the region, the Swedish Orthopedic Institute (SOI) has visionary leaders and world-class care.

Philanthropic support for innovation is critical to advancing orthopedic care. Gifts to research, innovation, education and patient care enable us to create a highly-skilled team that brings the most advanced and compassionate care to the growing number of our community.


Your investment will further the research that helps our surgeons pioneer novel approaches to limb and joint pain. Orthopedic care is on the verge of meaningful discoveries that will change the way we treat the growing need. By investing in research that enhances robotic care, individualizes pain management, and decreases opioid use, you can accelerate our ability to bring innovative, new approaches to caring for patients like you.


We remain committed to helping patients like you be active, engaged and able to enjoy your life to the fullest which is why as patient demand grows and rapid advancements continue in orthopedic care, so too does the need to invest in technology that will enhance the patient care experience and outcomes. This fund enables allows us to bring the leading-edge, proven breakthroughs directly to you.

Patient Care

No surgery is routine. Your investment will make sure that we have the people, tools and processes to support the patient experience every step of the way.


Extraordinary care comes from not only the latest technology, but also physicians, surgeons, and caregivers who are committed to advancing their practice. As rapid innovations continue to change orthopedic care, your support will further provider education and expertise, and create opportunities for them to share their expertise to advance the field for all.

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Philanthropy Director
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