Stories: Mike and Lori

Mike and Lori

“We got our life back because of Swedish”

Last winter, Mike Houser had four heart attacks – one nearly every three weeks. After months of visits to his local emergency room, Mike started to fade and give up hope.

When he was told to get his affairs in order, Mike’s wife, Lori, stepped in. After all Mike had been through with his health, Lori wasn’t about to let him give up. She knew Mike’s life could be saved. That’s when Lori called Swedish.

Thanks to Lori’s persistence and the collaborative care provided by his team of physicians at the Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute, Mike has his life back.

As a nonprofit health-care provider, Swedish relies on the generous support of grateful families like the Houser’s to make stories of renewed health like Mike’s possible. Watch Mike and Lori’s story below.