Stories: Isabella


"To hear her giggle is so heartwarming..."

Our first child, Isabella Grace, was born on Feb. 24, 2014 at Swedish First Hill. Unfortunately, it was a challenging delivery. Isabella Grace was not breathing when born and shortly thereafter began having seizures. She was immediately admitted to the neonatal ICU where she received ‘round the clock care and special guidance from the pediatric neurology team. It was a very scary and tough time for me and my wife, not to mention our baby daughter.

Over the next 10 days things began to stabilize and her outlook progressed. The team at Swedish, both doctors and nurses were amazing in their care of our daughter and support for us. As we began to understand that our daughter’s prognosis was improving, we became joyful parents and enjoyed some of the wonderful things first time parents learn such as feeding, diaper changes, and bath time.

Our lives are so filled with the joy and beauty of our amazing daughter. She is doing so well and is a happy little girl who is learning all the wonderful things in life. To hear her giggle is so heartwarming, we will never forget the blessing that came to us through the wonderful care of the Swedish team.

~ Marlena Cianciarulo and Weston Van Wambeke