Responding to COVID-19 | Funding Opportunities

Responding to COVID-19 | Funding Opportunities

As a philanthropic supporter of Swedish, you are our partner in this vital work.

With your help, we can care for our community in this time of need through any of top funding priorities outlined below.

Clinical trials research

Thanks to improvements in the design, approval and deployment of clinical trials, Swedish is actively involved in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Your support can ensure we have the staff necessary to coordinate and report on our findings in the following trials.

Ensuring equitable distribution of a forthcoming vaccine

Swedish has been a critical resource to the state of Washington in the management, storage and tracking of remdesivir, a promising, broad-spectrum antiviral currently used to treat patients with COVID-19. Jason Goldman, M.D., MPH, plans to build upon his research published in the New England Journal of Medicine which revealed how and where the drug was distributed, to ensure the equitable distribution of a forthcoming vaccine.

Launching a leading-edge clinical trial

Dr. Goldman is also preparing a clinical trial of an antibody infusion called REGN-COV2. While convalescent plasma uses antibodies collected from patients who have contracted COVID-19 and recovered, this cocktail will combine those antibodies with a manufactured one to, in theory, supercharge their potency. Dr. Goldman plans to study the cocktail’s use for treating currently infected patients and preventing infection in those with known exposure and moderate symptoms. This work will require a dedicated, highly specialized clinical team and special confinement of patients undergoing treatment.

Combining two widely available supplements to combat COVID-19

While we study the effectiveness of novel therapies, it’s important that we also explore inexpensive—and easily accessible—options. Hank Kaplan, M.D., is embarking on a study that will use zinc and a common antioxidant supplement called resveratrol to treat patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms. Zinc has long been known to have antiviral properties, and it’s possible that resveratrol could help the body use it more effectively. If it works, the treatment could offer a safe, inexpensive and widely available alternative.

Swedish is involved in two clinical trials using the drug Remdisivir, a promising broad-spectrum anti-viral currently being used to treat moderate-to-severeCOVID-19. With your support we can expand access to high-need individuals who are not subjects in those trials.

This oncological supportive care drug, which has been shown to stimulate and strengthen the immune system, may help patients recover from COVID-19 pneumonia. Thanks to our strong team of hematologists, we are well positioned to design and administer a trial to study its effectiveness.

Convalescent Plasma
Based on the concept of passive immunity, this treatment involves collecting plasma from patients who have recovered from a disease—and subsequently built up antibodies to fight it—and giving it to patients who are still sick. We are ramping up a trial to study its effectiveness in treating COVID-19.


Supporting new mothers with on-call doulas

Throughout the pandemic Swedish has taken extra steps to ensure the safety of patients in labor, including limiting the number of support people who can accompany them to just two. However, at this time some mothers-to-be aren’t even accompanied by one person; they either don’t have anyone or their partner is sick or staying home to care for their other children. With your support, we could establish an on-call doula service that would ensure no woman endures labor alone.

COVID-19 Recovery Clinic

We’ve learned a lot about COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, but we still have many questions to answer—particularly about how to care for patients with long-term symptoms, including shortness of breath, fatigue and nausea. Under the leadership of pulmonologist George Pappas, M.D., the multidisciplinary team at our COVID-19 Recovery Clinic is both caring for these so-called “long haulers” and researching the mechanisms behind their extended illness, with the goal of expanding our understanding of the disease.

Medical supplies

As we care for more patients and work toward vaccinating our community against COVID-19, demand for medical supplies continues to increase. We are currently in need of needles and syringes to enable us to provide the maximum number of COVID-19 vaccines and limit potential waste.

COVID-19 bio-repository/tissue and data analysis

Understanding why COVID-19 affects patients differently will be vitally important in the months ahead, which is why we’re collecting tissue samples for study. While our resources are currently focused on ensuring the best care for our patients, the time to preserve those specimens is now. You can help us save those samples for later analysis with funding for resources such as a centrifuge and a -80° freezer.

Make Your Gift

We’re working to care for individuals affected by COVID-19 and to limit spread within our community. This takes a tremendous amount of resources.

Your gift makes a true impact on our fight against COVID-19. Thank you.


To learn more about how you can help, contact us at 206-386-2738 or [email protected].