You rely on our nurses during your greatest times of need. You know you can count on them to provide extraordinary care with compassion and skill.

You’re also the reason our nurses have the tools they need to care for all of our patients—including you and your family. Your investment in professional development, research and innovation, or caregiver well-being will benefit nurses now and for decades to come.

Keep reading to find out how you can make a difference for our patients by supporting the nurses on whom they depend.

Professional Development

Nursing Technician Program
Our Nursing Technician Program not only trains the nurses of tomorrow, but it also helps us find the best candidates to start off their careers at Swedish. This program gives students the opportunity to learn alongside experienced Swedish nurses so they are ready to start a career after graduation. Funding these paid positions helps us attract the best candidates who can continue our tradition of excellent patient care.

RN Unit Champions
As the field of nursing evolves and new technologies bring new practices, our most experienced nurses are mentoring their colleagues and providing training at the bedside. For early-career nurses, it’s a chance to ask questions and master new skills in an informal learning environment. And for our RN Unit Champions, this leadership role is an opportunity to share their extensive knowledge and continue our tradition of exceptional patient care.

Continuing Education
You can support our nurses’ career development by sending them to conferences to learn the latest techniques and bring back new ideas to share with colleagues. This not only fosters a positive learning environment, but also helps us attract and retain nurses interested in advancing in their field.

Research and Innovation

Simulation Center
Our simulation center gives nurses at all levels—from nurse residents at the beginning of their career to experienced nurses who want to expand their clinical skillset—the opportunity to hone their skills in an immersive environment. Using high-tech mannequins that can simulate a variety of medical conditions, our nurses learn hands-on in a hospital environment, complete with the sound of overhead pages. With your support, leading-edge technology can elevate our patient care.

Patient Care Exploratory Projects
With your help, nurses can lead research projects to understand how new techniques and equipment can make a difference for our patients. A team of 20 nurses from a variety of specialties conduct rigorous research and make recommendations based on the results of each project. Those projects can range from adopting new suction tooth brushes to reduce the risk of pneumonia in certain patients, to addressing behavioral health needs from a nursing perspective. With your support, we can implement our nurses’ recommendations across our five hospitals for the benefit of all our patients.

Caregiver Well-being

Wellness Retreat
Our nurses bring compassion and strength with them every day to provide patients with exceptional care. But burnout, the result of prolonged stress, is a growing problem for the nurses you count on to be there for you and your family. You can care for them by supporting a nurse renewal retreat at Harmony Hill, a retreat facility. The 3-day retreat helps nurses relax and reconnect with why they got into nursing originally. The program includes yoga, meditation, creativity exercises and discussions led by fellow nurses to address emotional and physical well-being.

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