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Paula Larkin family

“Swedish just felt right for me.”

Cancer has challenged Paula Larkin’s family for many years. Her grandson survived liver cancer when he was just seven years old; her brother lost his battle with multiple myeloma two years ago; and today, Paula is on her own journey with breast cancer.

Following her diagnosis in November 2015, Paula sought opinions from throughout the region, and ultimately chose the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI).  “Swedish just felt right for me,” says Paula. She was comfortable immediately—it was the right energy and the medical staff inspired confidence in her. More importantly, Paula felt a personal connection with both her Swedish surgeon and oncologist.

It is this personal experience that led Paula and her daughters to support an important new study looking at scientific wellness for breast cancer survivors at the SCI. Their support comes through the Names Family Foundation, which was started by Paula’s parents, Scott and Evelyn (Sis) Names in 1996.

The goal of the scientific wellness program is to assess, monitor, and improve the quality of life of women who have breast cancer, and those who are beating it. Researchers also hope to better predict who is more likely to get breast cancer, and the steps needed to prevent it—shifting the focus from prevention to wellness. Paula and her daughters strongly believe in the program and its positive approach, and believe that it will lead to healthier and more joyful lives for survivors of breast cancer.

Paula will soon finish her treatment and is excited about being healthy again—in mind, body, and spirit.