Stories: Scott and Darel

Scott Harrison

It was a profound experience.

Scott Harrison always thought of himself as healthy and led an active lifestyle. Then his health took a dramatic turn

While Scott and his wife, Darel, were visiting their daughter in Virginia, Scott had a stroke. After four days in the local ICU, where they were in constant communication with Scott’s care team at Swedish, he returned home. In the weeks following his stroke, Scott turned to the Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute to have a stent placed and for surgery to repair a hole in his heart.

Scott describes his care at Swedish as profound. He was not only impressed with the expertise and skill of his care team, but also the technology and innovation available to care for him and the fact that there was always a compassionate, listening ear.

Of his experience, Scott says, “It became quickly apparent that health care and well-being is really at the center of our lives, and I’m more in tune with what’s happening for myself and those I love, especially as we age.”

Darel, too, has turned to Swedish for her own health care needs, trusting us with two hip replacement surgeries. Their health events and Scott’s previous connection to Swedish – he’s been an active member of the Foundation’s Board of Governors for 15 years and currently serves as chairman – drove their commitment to Swedish to a whole new level.

Today, Scott and Darel continue to enjoy a life of travel and adventure, visiting family members across the country as well as experiencing exciting journeys to Vietnam, Africa and Europe.

Thanks to the generous support of our community and donors like the Harrisons, our patients have access to extraordinary health care at Swedish when it matters most.