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Swedish Gratitude Garden

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"Being grateful and expressing our gratitude have infinite benefits. There is ample data underscoring the power of gratitude. Regularly practicing gratitude, or in other words, exercising our gratitude muscle is known to help our ability to deal with stressful situations, create positive feelings inside and around us, help us sleep better, strengthen our innate kindness & compassion and even help boost our immunity. We invite you, dear reader, to share or plant your seeds of gratitude, help blossom this garden and spread its magic far & wide."

- Sandeep Sachdeva, MD, CHCQM, FACP, Chief Medical Officer, Swedish Edmonds & Swedish Mill Creek


"To all the healthcare workers on the front lines of this battle against COVID-19 I want to THANK YOU for what you are doing for us ALL!! You are the light in this dark time and we are forever grateful. Sending BIG HUGS to you all!! <3" 
- Kelly, Richland, 4/1     

Flower"Thank you so much for everything you do for us every day. Words cannot express how grateful my family is for all the hard work, dedication, and sacrifice you bring to the table to serve others. You are seen, appreciated, and so loved. Thank you thank you thank you!!"
- Rio, Seattle, 4/2

"Thank you for all your amazing courage, compassion and care. We can't do this without you. Much appreciated!" 
- Carey, Redmond, 4/2

"On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank every single one of you for your hard work and dedication every single day! We are all very appreciative of your efforts and we wish you all the best. Please stay safe and healthy!" 
- Your grateful Ballard neighbor, Seattle, 4/2

"Thank you so much for your work and dedication. Thinking of you ALWAYS and sending energy to keep you safe. In my prayers. You are the heroes!"
 - Dree, Sammamish,4/3

"Florence Nightingale's 200th birthday would have been celebrated this year. I am certain she would have been very proud of the work nurses are doing today in the fight against COVID-19.  Our nurses bring a calm to our anxiety and fears at a time when we need it the most.  They continue to stand even when they themselves are feeling very vulnerable. I have never been more honored to be a part of healthcare than now.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of our nurses." 
- Lori, Seattle, 4/3

"Thank you so much for all that you are doing. You have the hardest job right now, and we're all so proud of you for keeping our community safe and healthy. Your skills are appreciated!!" 
- anonymous, Seattle, 4/3

"Thank you to all the nurses for your care and dedication. Particularly, thanking the oncology nurses that provide necessary treatment alongside with their amazing  bedside manner every day, every week, month and year." 
- Hilly, Bellevue, 4/3

"Thank you to each and every care provider and each and every staff member in the background for the care you are giving to our community and the incrediblely important community asset that is Swedish. It’s an insane time and your life saving efforts are so appreciated. Thank you!!! You are our every day heros." 
- Jessica, Seattle, 4/4

"Dear Health care staff,

I cannot imagine how much it must affect you to be out there daily in the face of this crisis. Thank you so much from all of us for your dedication to this fight. You all are heroes!!!! Wishing you the best of health sand safety" 
- Daya, Bellevue, 4/5

"Thank you so much to all of our frontline caregivers in Swedish hospitals and clinics. We appreciate you every day and especially now during this crisis. Thank you for your unflagging dedication and care for our community!!" 
- Andrea, Seattle, 4/6

"Thank you to all the frontline workers and all staff at the medical facilities for the hard work!" 
- Grateful Ballard Resident, Seattle, 4/8

"Thank You environmental services team members, from everyone at Swedish Edmonds, for everything you do to make Swedish Edmonds the best place to get better.

Sometimes we take for granted the fact that our rooms are clean, office area is clean, the wastepaper basket is empty, and the bathroom is clean when we come to work each morning.

This wouldn't be possible without the dedicated staff of Environmental Services.

Thank you, EVS, for being the tip of the spear in healthcare. Patients must have a clean environment in order to heal. Thank you for keeping our patients safe every day.

It is important that you know and understand that EVS is a vital part of what we do here.

Thank You environmental services team members, from everyone at Swedish Edmonds.  We are truly grateful for all that you do to keep us safe!"
 - Pat Ahearne, Interim Chief Nursing Officer, Swedish Edmonds, 4/8

"Please know that your local community appreciates your hard work. When this over, please take a vacation, you deserve it."
- Ann, Edmonds, 4/9

"There are no words strong enough to express my gratitude to all the people who risk their lives by taking care of all the patients who are under their care. You are all ANGELS! I am a "Hidden Child" of the Holocaust  who is going to be 85 tomorrow and without the great human beings who took care of me, I would not be here today.  Thank you to all the "angels" in my life."
- Mina, Maryland, 4/10

"Thanks to all of you who daily place yourself in harms way to protect others who don’t have this responsibility.  I know from personal experience what long hours, tremendous responsibility and mental and physical drain your professions demand in the best of times.   To step up day after day in this crisis can’t be repaid properly.  Thank you all over and over."
- anonymous, Seattle, 4/10

"Actually am grateful "beyond words" for the immense amount of time, diligence and caring so very visible on the part of our local Swedish staff.  "Thank you" doesn't seem enough so perhaps should say it in Hawaiian (?) - i.e., "Mahalo nui loa" (thank you from the depth of my heart)."
- Lawrence, Bainbridge Island, 4/10

"Thank you to Doctors, Nurses and anyone involved in making your job a little easier!  We need and appreciate you.  I donate monthly to Swedish ... and have been a patient there.  In these extreme times I know you are making personal sacrifices to save lives.  Thank you!"
- Diane, Kent, 4/10

"Thank you for your service is truly appreciated through this crisis we are going through.. I want you to all [to know you] are appreciated and valued by community of the central district. We stand strong with you."
- Darnell, Seattle, 4/12 

"Thank you simply cannot express my gratitude to all of you health warriors!  We love and respect you beyond words. Need masks....we have them!!"
- Vallery, Tacoma, 4/12

"Thank you for risking your health in battling this pandemic. You are all true heroes. There are millions of people who are thankful for all that you do."
- Jerry, Seattle, 4/14

"Thank you to the friendly, organized, skilled staff who made getting tested for COVID19 at Minor & James a breeze."
- Erin, Seattle, 4/14

"Dear Caregivers, you guys are incredibly strong. I am amazed by your compassion, and willingness to sacrifice so much to serve those effected by Covid-19, and other illnesses as well. Thank you for everything you are sacrificing right now with everything you are managing! Our hearts and prayers are going out to you guys right now! Keep staying strong! You've got this! We love you!!"
- Brogan, Issaquah, 4/14

"Jens Frisvold (Pharmacist)- Your commitment and passion amazes me! Thank you for all the long hours that you have put in to save patient’s lives. You might not be a “recognizable” frontline face, but you are a hero!"
- Brook, Seattle, 4/14

"Your unceasing compassion and exertion to remain on the frontline caring for thousands of people during the pandemic are eternally appreciated. Each of you are a model of maha kindness, generosity, and exertion. The sacrifices you make every day to stay with your patients and other health care staff through this pandemic are incomparable. With the utmost respect, concern, and appreciation, wife of one of Dr. Zivin's Swedish patient."
- anonymous, Seattle, 4/14

"To every healthcare hero, including those who support the frontline clinicians. I am deeply appreciative of your sacrifice. For every patient you have cared for with only the caring eyes they can see. Your strong efforts do not go unnoticed.  Thank you for validating the lives of those you are caring for and acknowledging the lives and family  these patients have.

My daughter and her husband are physicians in New York City and that brings it home for me. Thank YOU for putting your lives on the line every day. We are all staying home knowing it is making a difference. You are rock stars!!

Power on!  We’ve got this Seattle!!"
- Stephanie, West Seatlle, 4/14

"It is said in Judaism, whoever saves a single life is considered to have saved the whole world. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May you stay safe and healthy.  Your actions will never be forgotten."
- anonymous, Bainbridge Island, 4/14

"In gratitude for all health care workers on the front lines. You are making a huge contribution to society with your hard work & selflessness in this dangerous time.

I was on the front line during the Cold War (U.S. Navy submarine officer). It was hard & exhausting work. I did it for my country. No one thanked me at the time, but I would like to extend my thanks to you on the front line now. Know that your toil & risk are helping our civilization survive through this storm. May you look back on this moment with pride - you deserve it."
- Brian, Seattle, 4/14

"I have no doubt that when you chose this field, you never imagined a scenario like the one that's playing out today the world over. I can't imagine what it must be like for you. But please know that you have the full support of your community and my greatest admiration for your dedication and bravery.  Please stay safe and healthy and I hope you will all get plenty of self-restorative time soon enough."
- Anonymous, Seattle, 4/16

kitten"A big thank you for all that you do! Both to those of you on the front lines fighting Covid19 and those who are working hard to find creative ways to provide care to patients with other needs while reducing the risk of exposure. I'm grateful for each and every one of you. You matter so very, very much <3"
- Christina, Seattle, 4/16    

"Swedish Hospital Caregivers,

I don’t think we tell people enough how we feel about them and what they mean to us. How they have made a difference in our lives, and how they are loved.♥️

So, I’m taking the time today to celebrate you and the many gifts you possess. How special you are. You sunshine up the world with your care, compassion, courage, devotion and selflessness.

You risk your lives not only during the Coronavirus pandemic but every day.

I’m thankful for you!

Thank you for your kind and loving hearts♥️, your bravery, your sacrifice. You are the true heroes.

Generosity has a grace all its own.

Your heart♥️Is very giving...

And mine is very grateful.

Evermore thanks...Bless you!"
- Linda, Seattle, 4/16 

"The end of March my husband was admitted to Edmonds Swedish ER from a memory care facility with possible Covid-19.  The intake nurse called me that he did have Covid and related that in taking Mack's information she mentioned my name and he replied, "Judy, Judy, Judy - that's my wife".  That was very heartwarming to me that with his dementia and sick as he was, he remembered.  I appreciated the nurse passing that along to me.

The doctor called me after examining him and he was very thorough and caring in what they were going to do.  Since the facility did not have the resources for his care, he was going to stay at the ER as the facility was expecting equipment and more staff by the end of the week.   Holly called me several times keeping me up to date on his condition during his stay.  She too, was very caring and helpful and appreciate her contact.  All in all, I believe he received excellent care and understanding during his stay and I applaud all the nurses and personnel for his and others care."
- Judith, Seattle, 4/17

"You are blessings sent to us from God. We are in awe of your devotion, kindness, bravery and endurance in the face of a daily fight.

We are grateful for you every day and send prayers to guide and support you along with our heartfelt THANK YOU." 
- Lynne's Family, Seattle, 4/17

"A huge thank you to Maddie Lee for her tireless work organizing and scheduling her team, while also caring for patients. She is an unstoppable force during this difficult time and her endless compassion and drive are genuinely inspirational and make her a true hero."
- Anonymous, Woodinville, 4/17

"We are so thankful for the quality of care we receive as a family from Swedish. We are doing our best to lessen the likelihood that we will need any care any time soon.

Our thoughts are with you as this epidemic unfolds and strains our resources and our stamina. Please know that your community is proud of you and rooting for you now more than ever."
- Joey, Seattle, 4/17

"Just a big thank you for dedicating yourself to the health and wellbeing of others -- we are nothing without our health!  Sending well wishes."
- Joy, Seattle 4/18

"I want to thank all Swedish medical professionals, hospital and clinic staff and Swedish employees during this time. My health care team has gone above and beyond to help me resolve my health concerns during this time but it's not just my team. It's all of the teams in Seattle, Issaquah, Ballard, Edmonds and other locations working day and night to provide treatments to all patients. You guys are saving lives and putting yourselves in harm's way. Our medical professionals are our front lines right now. Thank you, so much for all you do."
 - Amelia, Seattle, 4/20

"I can’t say enough great things about Swedish  Issaquah Emergency Room staff, nurses and Dr. Hahn.

I ended up in the ER after being diagnosed with COVID-19 in March, and had to have some testing done. I was treated with professionalism in all aspects of my care. So thank you so much."
- Keven, Snoqualmie, 4/26

"We recently had a baby at the Swedish Issaquah campus. Just wanted to say Thank You to the wonderful doctors and nurses who provided an amazing level of care.   We so appreciate all their hard work, ensuring a healthy and happy outcome.  Thank you so much!"
- Issaquah resident, Issaquah, 4/27

"My husband was at Swedish Cherry Hill late last year for two surgeries by Dr. Roh, which revealed cancer.  Although he passed away this spring at home, I know that Tom was so appreciative of the nurses and doctors at Swedish Cherry Hill... and both my daughter and I are forever grateful for the staffs' help and care during his time there.  I wish I could remember all of your names as you all deserve our gratitude, especially now for all of the care you are giving current patients during this difficult covid-19 crisis.  If you remember Tom, thank you.   He really appreciated you as we did too.  Your care was exceptional.  Hang in there and thank you again."
- Carolyn, Seattle, 4/24

Thank you card"To the Swedish Security Team from your local Wells Fargo on Capitol Hill: We want to say THANK YOU! Every single one of you is a Healthcare Hero and we appreciate your hard work and dedication to your community!"
- Well Fargo - Capitol Hill, Seattle, 4/28

"Thank you. Thank you for your daily commitment to serve, putting yourself and your loved ones at risk, to care for our most vulnerable. You are truly amazing!"
 - Jessica, Bainbridge Island, 4/29

"Thank you for all that you are sacrificing in order to save peoples lives.  Because of your efforts, I can trust that all of my loved ones will stay safe and be well cared for during this unprecedented crisis.  You are the heroes!"
- Kim-Wells Fargo Bank Wedgwood City, Seattle, 4/30

"Thank you all for the dedication and sacrifice you make every day fighting the virus and taking care of your patients. Your hard work is appreciated. Stay safe!"
 - Shai, Seattle, 4/30

Thank you flowers"There really aren't words to express our gratitude for your bravery, dedication, and compassion. A special thank you to the First Hill ICU for saving the life of a dear friend of ours. We are praying that you stay safe and doing our part by staying home."
- Jamie, Issaquah, 5/6

"Thank you to all Swedish workers who care for us with so much patience. Especially appreciate Dr. Rebecca Duke and staff who have taught me  to take responsibility for my health. You guys rock!"
 - Mimi, Seattle, 5/8

Thank you card"To the Swedish Respiratory Therapists Team:

Every single one of your are heroes!  Thank you for the sacrifices you are making to ensure that our community remains safe and healthy.

Warm Regards"
- The Team at Wells Fargo Wedgwood, 5/8

"THANKS So VERY Much for being here and for all you do!!"
 - anonymous, Seattle, 5/12

TK branch photo"Thank you so much for everything that you are doing during this pandemic and even before. You are truly the backbone of this economy and we wouldn't be where we are without you! Thank YOU."
- Wells Fargo Laurelhurst Branch, Seattle, 5/12

"I don't have COVID19 - currently no one in my family does. But that doesn't matter in this note.  YOU ALL ARE HEROES!  I am so grateful that you get up every day and go to work and help save people's lives in a variety of ways.  Thank you for all you do!  You've been our provider for 17 years.  Wouldn't change a thing. Stay safe!"
- Laura, Seattle, 5/12

"Thank you all caregivers near and far in this time of uncertainity and fear. We will rise up against this virus ..we are caregivers .."
- Delores, Seattle, 5/12 

"I am so very grateful to my entire team of Swedish doctors, their M.A.s, the reception staff and those answering the phones and assisting with appointments. Everyone I’ve encountered in the last few years at Swedish Center for Comprehensive Care has been courteous and caring. My team of doctors and their M.A.s has been amazing. They’ve been excellent at treating my unusual and complex medical issues over the years. I’m impressed by their kindness, honesty, proficiency and their ability to work together on  complex issues. I feel included in the decision making process, they listen kindly to my point of view and guide me. I feel very fortunate.

 I can’t imagine what everyone at Swedish has been going through this year with the novel coronavirus.  You are all going above and beyond just by going to work each day. I appreciate that you are there and your patience and kindness in spite of what is going on around you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Dr. Enrico Basilico and Ryan

    Dr. Jeffrey Cary and Anna

    Dr. Jason Goldman

    Dr. Uchechukwu Obih

    Dr. Calvin Knapp

    I apologize for not knowing the names of the other staff who have been so kind and patient.

    You are all my heroes."

 - Rochelle, Sammamish, 5/12


Thank you for giving your talents, gifts, skills and love each day.  You are making a difference every minute of every day.  Thank you for your service and dedication.  To call you all heros just does not seem like enough, there needs to be a new word created to describe you all. 

With gratitude, Nancy"

 - Nancy, Issauquah, 5/13

Thank you card"Thank you for your dedication to our community and working so hard to keep everyone safe and healthy."

- Wells Fargo, Wallingford, Seattle, 5/13

"I know times right now are extremely rough and I would like to thank you for all of the hard work you’ve put into everything. I know we can all get through this with the help of you."

"Thank you healthcare workers for making sacrifices to help others! We are eternally grateful for you ❤"

"Just want to say thank you for helping out individuals during this time. We are very lucky to have amazing people like you in our lives and thanks for all you do!"

"dear swedish hospital, thank you so much for still working during this pandemic, thank you for being brave and risking your own life to save others:) our community really appreciates everything you all have been doing for us. wishing you guys all the best and for this to be over soon."

"Thank you very much for dedicating your time and energy to provide for your patients.  I am grateful to know that our community has many healthcare workers to help during this time.  I hope that you are able to still have time to rest, recharge and take care of yourself."

"Thank you to all the healthcare workers who risk their live to help others. You are greatly appreciated and we are so lucky to have you guys ❤"

- Cleveland High School Key Club, Seattle

"Thank you health care providers for helping us during this pandemic!!"

 - Erica, Grover Cleveland STEM High School , 5/13

"Thank you for all that you have sacrificed in order to help others during this time of crisis. I really appreciate everything you do for our community. Our situation would have been way worse without your effort and dedication, and I want you to know that your hard work is praised every day."

 -Tanvi, Issaquah, 5/14

"We can’t say thank you enough to the Neurology team at Cherry Hill. It starts from when you walk into the office, to the Medical Assistances/Nurses, Physicians and the team as we leave. Y’all Are The Best!!

A special Thanks for Dr. Michael Doherty as he walked with us through many years concerning our Son."

 - Kim, Des Moines, 5/17

"The bravery,  courage, determination, perseverance and faith of those working the frontlines astounds me. I am full of gratitude."

 - Anne, Bellevue, 5/18

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the vital work you are doing on the front lines of this pandemic. As I sit here helpless, watching my third and possibly fourth family member pass from this terrible disease, I know first hand how important the role you play is in the lives of these patients. It brings tears to my eyes to imagine that all of you bear the burden of caring for our loved ones in our stead. This can’t be easy, no matter how much it is appreciated. But since thank you is what I can do for now, thank you, thank you, thank you! Sending love and genuine, heart felt appreciation."

 - Susan, Seattle, 5/18

"Thank you for all of your hard work keeping our communities safe.  My family and I appreciate all of your effort, selflessness and bravery to fight COVID 19 and putting strangers first.

You've put your lives on pause, having to put your family on the backburner to help out and we can't thank you enough!

 - Shannon, Atlanta, 5/19


There are heroes who walk among us.
They stake no claim to fame.
Fortune is not their game.
Faces in a crowd.

Their selfless deeds of sacrifice
Go unnoticed by the throng.
Faces in a crowd,
Unknown and unsung,
Giving tirelessly of themselves,
Changing lives forever,
Only to remain,
Faces in a crowd.

There are heroes who walk among us.

Marie Cutshall, 
Dedicated to those working to ensure our health, protection and well being.
 - Marie, Issaquah, 5/21

"Dear Health Care Workers,

Words of thanks fall short of what's needed to show the depth of gratitude for all that you do, so much of which I really don't know. I can't imagine all that you've seen, or how tired you are, or how scared at times. I know many of you don't see your families to help protect them and to me, this is perhaps the ultimate sacrifice.

Please know that I pray for you all: for your strength, for your safety, for your health and for your sanity.

With deep gratitude,


 - Trish, Kent, 5/22

"Thank you for all you do to heal others!"
 - Angela, Portland, 5/22

"Thank you to the nurses at the Ballard Infusion Center.

You are amazing!  We appreciate you being there for your patients through all of this.  We appreciate your smiles, comforting ways, and steadiness.  Thank you a thousand times over."
 - Barbara, Seattle, 5/22

"I would like to say a big Thanks to Edmonds Speciality Clinic ..Dr Babington and his staff..Always kind and treat me with respect.. Thank you!"
- Lori, Lynnwood, 5/22

"Thank you for being there, where we cannot. I have tremendous respect, admiration, and appreciation for each one of you who is showing up, day after day. Bless each one of you!"
 -Sara, Sammamish, 5/25

"Samara at Swedish Pulmonary has been so helpful and moved mountains to get me an appointment when during a crisis when my other doctors (not at Swedish) didn't care and couldn't be bothered to help. She made me feel like someone was on my team and wanted me to get better, and that means the world when nobody else will listen. I am very chronically ill, and it's a long slog that often feels too hard. People like Samara are a reminder to keep going because someone does care. Thank you Samara!

P.S. I am so sorry if there's a rogue letter in your name, I'm terrible at spelling."
 - Eliza, Vashon, 6/5

"Thank you so much for your thoughtful caring you always give me when I'm in the hospital. It always calms me down and put me at ease. Love you guys. God bless you all"
 -Ruth, Shoreline, 6/12

"Thank you for all you do. It is difficult to do your job when you are reminded everyday of the dangers you face. We appreciate all you do. Thank you for caring for us."
 - Debbie, Bellevue, 6/24

"THANK YOU doesn’t seem big enough. Your selfless dedication to our communities means so much to so many. Our entire family thanks you and hoped that after serving us, keeping us healthy and safe...you can be with your loved ones and get some deeply deserved rest.
Our deepest gratitude to each of you at Swedish."
 - Roberta, Greenwood, 6/25

"This Note is to all Swedish Healthcare providers out there and others, that dedicate their lives constantly and tirelessly for their patients and the public in general over the years.

I just want you to know, that you are loved and appreciated very much for your hard work and dedication. ...Swedish is one of the best places to have the best care in Washington State.  Some of the best doctors and specialists work at Swedish, including Drs. Mark Loudermilk and William McFadden, (among others)

Swedish is just a good place for anyone to go to have their health care needs (met).  For Example:

Swedish Issaquah is just  A +  Plus .. for any Emergency. The doctors and nurses are  very kind, loving and knowledgeable. Swedish First Hill  is a good place to have  any (surgery) The doctors and the nurses are very attentive to you as a patient.   This is possible, because of all of you, Swedish health care workers....thank you...  I hope that during this pandemic, you protect yourself and take care of you and your families,  the same way you have been taken care of us over the years..... Thank you once again for still being there for us during this turbulent time.

Thank you. Gracias. Obrigada (Portuguese.)"
 -Maria, Bellevue, 6/27

Dear healthcare worker,

Hope you are protected and healthy!

I would love to display my appreciation for contributing your time, showing your support, and being hopeful for patients fighting death. Your profession is truly noble and deeply appreciated. Thank you for continually inspire others to help out of the goodness of their hearts.


 - A, Beverly Hills, 7/10

trees and pathFrom all the Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties, Brothers, Sisters and Friends words cannot express the gratitude Swedish has shown and continues to show during these trying times.

May the sun shine on your path everyday :o)

Forever - Thank You!!!

 - Tantoco, Sammamish, 7/14