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They are fathers, sisters and friends – just like you. They are giving their personal best, every day. They have responded with courage and professionalism during the COVID-19 pandemic. To us, they are heroes. Share your message of support with our health care heroes below.

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Gratitude Garden Messages


Thank you guys for providing health care for us during this tough time. I am very grateful for every one of you!

 - Elias, Issaquah

Thank you for all that you do! You do an amazing job at keeping us healthy and safe! 

 - Cianna, Issaquah

Thank you for all that you have been doing throughout these tough times. It has been rough for all of us but especially you guys who have to suit up and help
people. Thank you for trying to solve this crisis the entire world is going through and helping us all along the way.

 - Zach, Renton

Thanks you so much for everything you do. You do so much for the community, and you deserve lots of praise. 

 - Cooper, Issaquah

Hi. I just wanted to give a big thank you to whoever this goes to. I know that right now with everything going on it's a really hard time. And I would like to say that I am very thankful for you. And to keep on going. I know it's hard but you are doing wonders for me and everyone else. Just keep on going and just a really big thank you.

 - Sarah, Newscastle

Thank you so much, Swedish staff! Without all of you, we would be lost. Your braveness, persistence, and compassion is inspiring. 

 - Lily, Issaquah

Thank you for keeping us healthy, safe, and protected. I hope you have a wonderful day because you deserve it for all you have done.

 - Catherine, Renton

Thank you for working during these tough times. Keep up the hard work you've been providing so diligently!

 - Matthew, Renton

Hello! Thank you for everything that you guys do. I know that during the pandemic it is especially difficult to work in the medical field, and your dedication and perseverance mean a lot to the people you have helped and their families. Keep up all the hard work!

 - Ella, Renton

Dear HEROS of Swedish! Thank you for constantly working endlessly to make sure our community is the safest and healthiest we could be! You devote so much of your time, energy, and emotions into this fantastic job and help or save so many people. Right now in the situation we're in, I bet it's been difficult trying to get through dozens of sick patients. Despite this, you never fail to serve with positivity and happiness! I appreciate you for everything you do, thank you!

 - J, Renton

Thank you so much for all that you have done, especially during COVID. We really appreciate you and you are heros in our eyes. Thank you!! 

 - Anonymous, Newcastle

Thank you, Swedish has been doing great work. Without you, we'd be burning in disaster. We need you! I cant thank you enough.

 - Arkin, Newcastle

Thank you so much for all of your sacrifices to keep our community healthy and safe! All of your hard work is appreciated!

 - Amira, Renton

Thank you for doing the work you do and making the world a better place!

 - Zakaria, Issaquah

Thank you so much for all the work you do!

 - Annika, Issaquah

Thank you so much for caring for our people. It means so much that you help treat patients, making them healthy again. You are appreciated. Thank you.

 - Anna, Newcastle

Thanks for all you have been doing. I know that these are very trying times. Family of my own have been given working as nurses  and it's certainly not easy for them, so it's definitely not easy on you. Once again thanks for all the hard work you have been putting in I hope you all have a nice year.

 - Anders, Seattle

Thank you for helping out our community during these hard times. Your efforts are much appreciated, and I hope you all stay safe. :)

 - Amy, Newcastle

Thank you so much for all that you do and the risks you make to help keep others healthy. I appreciate your dedication, courage, and kindness.

 - Alison, Renton

Dear whoever is reading this, thank you for continuing to fight on the frontlines! I know with Covid the battle can seem long, but I am thankful for you guys! 

 - Allyson, Seattle

 Thank you so much for putting all your hard work into helping others who can't help themselves. Putting others first is extremely brave and selfless. Thank you so much!

 - Aimee, Renton

Thank you for everything each and every one of you have done over the past two years especially. I know with Covid and the new variants going around hospitals have been packed with sick patients. You are putting your lives on the line to help end this pandemic and I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart thank you. 

 - Alexis, Renton

Thank you so much for everything that you do. You are truly a hero and you do amazing things. I'm so glad to have people like you in my community. I look up to healthcare workers and I want to be one when I'm older. Thanks for all of your hard work! 

 - Abbe, Newcastle

Thank you to all the healthcare workers for all the work and hours you've spent and done! 

 - Anonymous, Renton

Thank you for your service in the community 

 - Sukh, Renton

Thank you for all the workers that have been trying their best, especially with all that has been going on these past couple years. The hardworking attitudes that many have brought has allowed many to be helped. Thank you, all health workers, for the time that you put in to help and care for other people.

 - Anonymous, Renton

Where would we be without your continued fortitude, grit, perseverance, and comfort? Thank you for bearing the weight of our community, and for providing such excellent care. We see you, we thank you, and we send you so much love and appreciation.

 - The Hobsons, Seattle, WA

card to swedish foundationI would just like to thank and express my gratitude for the amazing healthcare workers. Working on the front lines of a pandemic requires a lot of dedication and courage, and I have been inspired by the incredible work that has been done. Our country depends on these healthcare workers, who have been nothing but exceptional. The work that you all have been doing is giving me hope for a better future. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the healthcare heroes and their commitment to serving others.

 - anonymous, Elmhurst, NY

   Thank you for all the work you all do every day for the people around the world.  I see you all making a significant difference in so may lives each day.  It only takes one to start making a positive difference.

I see you all as this one.  Keep going and don't give up the fight.  Know that there is a countless number of us. We may be mostly unseen.  Yet, we are still behind you all with our everlasting support.

 - Ian, Bainbridge Island

Thank you for your all that you have done during this unprecedented public health crisis. Your courage, determination and professionalism has not gone unnoticed. 

- Julie, Seattle

No matter the time, or circumstances, your jobs are HARD and take an emotional and physical toll on you and your families! But, during these past couple years, your jobs have taken on the need for super human strength!! We are so grateful for each of you, for the sacrifices you have made for the people you care for! We continue to ask God to give you that super hero strength to navigate each day!! With Love and His Blessings!

- Debbie & Mike, Seattle

Thank you for saving our lives. 

- Jessamyn, Seattle

The word hero seems to be bandied about so much, but, your actions are very brave and your training and devotion to duty is beyond reproach. I hope you can maintain in this perilous time and know how much we appreciate your being there. 

- Richard, Liberty Lake

Thank you for all your hard work, everyone depends on you at this time of need.

- Katherine, North Bend

A heartfelt thank you to all the healthcare workers. This pandemic has tested our most valuable first line providers. It is through your help that my wife and I have remained healthy for the last year and a half. We wish the best for you and your families.

- Bruce, Issaquah

We are so GRATEFUL for the long hours and sacrifices you are making to provide compassion, care and competency to all your patients and their families. We see you and we appreciate you. Thank you for making this challenging time a little less scary and a lot more manageable. We would be lost without you.

- The Houghton Family, Newcastle

Caregivers are the real angels of mercy. May you receive just as much kindness as you give to patients. Thank you for all the care and support.

- J.G., Bellevue

Dear everyone, I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate your sacrifices to fight to end this pandemic. You saved all the people in our great nation from disaster. I thank God that you're here for us. Not everyone can do what you can do. God bless y'all.

- Agerico, Issaquah

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the ethics and values you hold that propel you to help your community despite the personal exhaustion and difficulty.  You and your work provide hope in a bleak world. God bless you!

- Brynne, Seattle

Thank you to all health care workers, first responders and support staff. We count on you to be there when we are having our worst days and you are always there. I pray for you to stay healthy, safe and to get good rest when you can. Your job is hard but the past two years have been especially difficult. Thank you for the great work that you do.  

- Anonymous, Wenatchee

Thank you to the courageous Swedish healthcare teams for your hard work, dedication and compassion during this incredibly challenging pandemic! I am so grateful for the wonderful care you provide. It's not easy to wear masks and other ppe all day every day and put yourselves at risk. You are noticed and you are SO appreciated. Health care workers are heroes, and we wouldn't be able to get through this time without you. You are my inspiration!

- Laurel, Cle Elum

There are no words to describe, how truly grateful I am to have had such an amazing team of people take care of me, while I was admitted into the hospital. Thank you for all the words of encouragement & continued hope in my recovery. Most of all thank you for saving my life. 

- M. Tim, Issaquah

Thank you so much for all that you do each and every day. We had to bring our daughter into the ER after she had a fall. We were very thankful that we still had access to healthcare and that everyone involved from the paramedics and firemen to the nursing staff and doctors were so helpful and kind. We really appreciate that everyone we interacted with did everything they could to make sure our daughter had the best care. Thank you for doing what you do and continuing to work on the front line during this pandemic. 

- Anonymous, North Bend

I'm not sure I can put into words how much admiration and appreciation I have for all of you. But when I think about the dedication and fortitude involved in the work that you all do, I am humbled. It puts whatever problems I may be experiencing in a different light, a different perspective. In my humble opinion, the word amazing is bantered about too much. But what you all do is simply AMAZING! Thank you all so very, very much. There are a LOT of us who are very thankful and most appreciative for all that you do.

- Steve, Seattle

We appreciate the wonderful support the entire Swedish Team (doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, laboratory technicians, custodial support, administrative and social supportive personnel) have provided during this prolonged COVID-19 pandemic. We are personally grateful for receiving our vaccinations through the Swedish/ Seattle University program. May you all know our debt of gratitude for your care.

- Todd and Valerie, Seattle

Thank you for all you do! 

- Cheri, Juneau

Thank you for all you do, and thank you for all you've done! Stay strong and know that you are appreciated and valued! 

- Frank, Seattle

I whole heartedly commend the efforts of the Swedish Hospital team for reaching out to us overseas. My injury devastated me a lot until expert efforts of the Swedish Hospital team in Seattle Washington revived me. You are all doing a great job and humanity will continue to remain grateful to you. God bless you and your families for the sacrifices you are making. My best regards, GODWIN

- Godwin, United Nations Department of Safety and Security, United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, United Nations Compound, Baghdad, Iraq

Thank you for your lifesaving care, kindness, and encouragement. I wish that everyone had done what was needed to make your work easier. Your karma buckets are overflowing. 

- Lori, Bothell

Thank You, two very small words that cary the weight of all us.

- Dunston, Kingston

The brunt of this crisis has been on your shoulders. Thank you fir your dedication and perseverance, and for exemplifying such courage and compassion. Thank you so very much. 

- Anonymous, Seattle

Thanks for being there for us, you put your life on the line to keep us healthy. We appreciate all your hard work and caring attitude.

- J. Williams, Seattle

Since I moved to the Seattle area from NYC three years ago, I have been very pleased with the care and consideration I have received from all my Swedish healthcare professionals. I found the level of care that I had received at Columbia Presbyterian and NYC's Mt Sinai!

- Alejandro, Seattle Metro Area

You are incredible for stepping up, putting your life at risk & sacrificing so much to care for others in this unbelievable time. Your strength & courage is commendable & you are so appreciated!! Thank you!

- REW, Redmond

You are AWESOME!!!  Our society couldn't function without you. We cannot thank you enough for all you do!!!

- Jon, Mill Creek

I am so grateful for all that you do each and every day to support our community during these difficult times; all while trying to keep your own family and friends safe. I had a healthy pregnancy, delivery and now an 8 month old boy during the pandemic and I give thanks to the incredible medical staff at Swedish that made this possible. We are forever in your debt.

- Jaclyn, Seattle

I see and appreciate you immensely...your collegial and generous spirits. There exists much that we know - tempered with even more that we don't; yet, you show up daily. Your strength and fortitude inspirational. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Warmly, Julie 

- Julie, Seattle

Thank you for caring for our family and our community! So grateful for all you do every day!!

- Erika, Seattle

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the heroic bravery and courage you have shown to us all and the world! You are heroes and I keep you regularly in my grateful thoughts and daily prayers!!

- Nancy, Edmonds

Thank you so very very much for all that you do. To protect all of you, I am fully vaccinated. We would never have made it thus far without your efforts and sacrifice.  

- Anonymous, Mill Creek

Thanks to all front line workers. You are all very special and heroic in your efforts in fighting the COVID 19 pandemic!! Please continue to be safe.

- Frederick, Redmond

Thank you for all you do and what you have done this past 2 years!

- CSM, Newcastle

You Folks Rock, not everyone can do what you do! I appreciate your dedication and your talents to deal with all that comes your way daily! Big Thank you!

- Barbara, Everett

Thank you so much for the sacrifices you all have made to keep us healthy. I know first hand how hard it is to be swamped with patients and to have to be away from our families.

- Karyn, Tacoma

Thank you so very much for all that you do!!

- Machell, Kenmore

Thank you so much for helping to keep all of us in the community healthy and safe. In normal times I've always thought you were saints on earth, now I know it must be true. You have persevered through some of the darkest days of the pandemic, please keep soldiering on, we need you - now more than ever. Our family did what we could to support you, and that was to get vaccinated, we were so thrilled to help in that way! "May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord look upon you with kindness and grant you peace."  From the bottom of our heart - thank you for devoting yourselves to serving the community!

- Jen, Seattle

I cannot imagine what you all are going through. The increase workload ... worry about your health and your loved ones and seeing all the chaos and just the insanity of the whole thing on top of what you do normally. Please know there are concerned and grateful people out here. God Bless and stay safe.

- Denise, Naches

So much appreciation for the Ballard Midwifery team. From the front desk, to the Medical Assistants, to the INCREDIBLE Nurse Midwives you guys have me feel so supported, cared for, and SEEN during this pandemic. Thank you for all you do! I will continue going to Ballard Midwifery and recommended all my friends and family do the same.

- Anonymous, Ballard

"I woke with Queen's song, ""Under Pressure"" in my head and am thinking of all of you. Your dedication and resilience is remarkable. You have my gratitude and respect."

- Diane, Carnation

Thank you to all the health care workers at Swedish for giving us world-class care in this difficult, often frightening time. I feel lucky! I wish you all strength and rest every day as you keep us healthy and safe. 

- Anonymous, Seattle

I just want to say thank you so much to all the staff working at the hospital. The hours and time that you have put in is just amazing. You continue to fight for the patients when they cannot fight for themselves.  God bless you all with continued strength and much more.   

- Marie, Seattle

Thanks so much to my doctor and the entire care team at Swedish in Renton. Always taking fantastic care of me. And thank you to the entire Swedish family for working so hard during the pandemic. From my doctor to the lab folks and the great people who check us in, you're all the best!  With love and thanks from Katie. 

- Katie, Shelton

Thank you for your service to the community. The compassion and dedication you show each and every day is remarkable. Many of you have been away from your family for quite some time during this pandemic. May God protect you and your loved ones from getting this terrible virus that has taken so many lives. You are all appreciated so much. 

- Melissa, Everett

I have no words to express my gratitude for all the dedication and sacrifice the health workers have put forth in this fight against Covid. I simply must say it is nothing short of heroic.

- Ronald, Everett

Hello Phenomenal Caregivers! The work you are doing to help others at the risk of your own lives is nothing short of amazing! You represent the best people the world has to offer. The sacrifices that you and your families make are beyond what most of us will ever do. I want to sincerely thank you, and acknowledge your selfless contribution to our society and every person whose lives you touch. You. Are. Awesome!!!

- Lisa, Redmond

"What would we do without you? It's terrifying to imagine. Every day, I give thanks for all of you, for your knowledge, your professionalism, your dedication, compassion, courage and humanity. I am in awe of who you are and all you do even though I'm not a person who is easily impressed! My deepest thanks for carrying on in such difficult, dangerous circumstances, and for carrying on so well and long despite the frustration you must feel. Hats off to all of you! Bravo!"

- Anonymous, Seattle

I'm late in sending this, but I want you to know that over 6 months later, I'm still feeling the gratitude... I took myself to the Ballard emergency room. From the moment I walked in until the moment I got into the taxi home, I felt cared for, seen, heard, comforted, and felt like I was the most important person in the hospital despite knowing how hard you all were working on much more critical situations than mine (in addition to your own lives, which I'm sure are as challenging as any). I will never forget your kindness. I'm sorry I didn't write this sooner when your names were fresh in my mind. Thank you! You are amazing!

- Annette, Seattle

Deep gratitude for your willingness to put yourselves at risk for the well being of so many. You are genuine heroes (no gender intended). What can we ever do to repay you for your passion and commitment?

- Anonymous, Sammamish

Dear caregivers ~ if we could we would give of you a big hug and a tin of cookies with cash in the bottom for all you done the past 18 months. It's been a nightmare for many but I can't even imagine your day to day lives during a global pandemic. So thank you, for all you've done and all you will do. 

- Susan & Perry, Lake Forest Park

Thank you for caring for everyone who walk through those doors. You are amazing people!

- Ann, Duvall


- Marc, Bellevue

Thank you to the janitors, admission staff, food workers, PAs, social workers, ministries, delivery staff, blood/organ/financial donors, lab techs, phlebotomists, medical students, groundskeepers, security guards, volunteers, their families and everyone else who help support this community. We see you and are so grateful for you. 

- Angel, Seattle

I'm so happy for everything, thank you. 

- Fetlework, Seattle

"Thank you.
For caring.
For showing up.
For working your behinds off.
For your anger, frustration, tears and continuing to show up.
For your dedication to all, regardless of personal feelings.
Thank you."

- Vickie, Edmonds

Thank you for tirelessly serving the medical needs of people of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. In this long pandemic season the challenges you face are medically, physically, and emotionally draining. You are all heroes!

- Linda, Shoreline

Thank you all so much for working tirelessly for the past 19 months. Our community appreciates you so much! 

- The Muth Family, Bainbridge

To the strongest and most fearless hearts, thank you for showing up every single day, for putting your life on the line, for all your sacrifices, empathy, strength, wisdom, and grace in carrying so many through this pandemic. You are the true heroes and this world owes you immeasurable gratitude and respect. 

- Mauri, Seattle

First of all, I would like to say that I am sorry you are having to go through this. I can't imagine the stress and sadness that you face every day. Your courage, dedication, and perseverance is commendable. Thank you for being those people who take care of all of us. May God shine his light on you and praise you for all you have done. Please, take care of yourselves and continue the fight. Hopefully, this will all be over soon.

- Elaine, Seattle

Thank you for your hours of care. 

- Sydney, Monroe

Thank you for all my coworkers and my manager and team work at Swedish :) 

- Anonymous, Seattle

 I wanted to send a big "Thank You" to all of the Respiratory Therapists who work within the Covid Units at Swedish First Hill. They work so hard to take care of patients during this crazy time and don't get recognized very often. I feel they are the unsung heroes of this horrible pandemic.

- Anonymous, Auburn

Thank you for all you do, for being on the frontlines and caring for all. I'm so appreciative of your commitment, dedication and passion even in the face of death. Thank yous aren't enough. May God keep you safe!

- Kelly, Seattle

Huge gratitude for all that you have done for so many people during this trying time. I can't imagine having to go into work every time knowing that you could be at risk, and your family too. You all need time to relax and look after yourselves too. You deserve all the support you need and for sure good compensation!!  With gratitude. Pam

- Pam, Issaquah

It is people like  you that makes all the difference in this world. Because you WORK, WE LIVE. MANY THANKS. 

-  Mahbaba, Sammamish

I want to thank the entire Swedish Health Services Team for the lengths you are going to in order to keep us all safe and healthy.

- Miller, Seattle

I want to add my heartfelt and deep gratitude for all your efforts on our behalf in these very difficult times. Just knowing the entire organization is laser focused and committed to provide world class healthcare is so reassuring for me, my family and the greater Seattle community. Please take care of yourselves, we need you. Many, many thanks and blessing to you all, Howard & Judy Chermak 

- Howard, Edmonds

Thank you to each and every medical provider who get up every day to face courageously and with great commitment the care of our loved ones and our community. We honor you and thank you. With so much gratitude. 

- Anonymous, Edmonds

My life partner recently passed while being cared for by Swedish. I'd like to thank all those at Swedish who provided medical support for her during her battle with cancer, in particular to Dr. Somasundaram Subramaniam. 

- Jon, Kirkland

Thank you for giving above and beyond what you ever thought would be required of you when you chose your career. If and when your lives return to normal, whatever that is, I hope your rewards outweigh any regrets, knowing that you cared for so many who needed you.

- Jonelle, Shoreline

"Thank you SO very much for the expert, compassionate care you have given me for a decade. I am especially grateful for the kind, patient, persistent care you gave me after my recent back surgery. You took care of my every need as I went from being helpless and unable to stand to being able to stand and walk. When I needed a push to challenge myself to push harder, you gave it to me with love and humor. When I needed to step back and go slower, you advised me with concern.

Your days are unrelentingly challenging. There seems to be no end to what we ask of you. Yet you continue to step up to the plate, giving it your all. 

My deepest appreciation and prayers go out to you. You are the sunshine in our lives!"

- Johnson, WA

As a retired RN, my heart aches for your frustration and suffering while you care for your patients. You have given so much of yourselves and risked so much of your mental and physical health. I am so very grateful to you and the entire healthcare nurses, physicians, and ancillary staff around the world. You truly are special people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Nancy, LaJolla

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