Stories: Gordon and Dianne

Gordon and Dianne

“We are here to tell our story because of Swedish.”

As Gordon goes on his daily walk with his dog, he feels incredibly lucky. He and his wife, Dianne, have watched their daughters walk down the aisle and get to enjoy the wonders of watching their six grandchildren grow. And he credits these moments to Swedish.

Two decades ago, Gordon suffered a severe heart attack. Then last year he fell into a coma due to an abscess that adhered to his spine. Both times, his life was at risk and he pulled through thanks to the expert care of his Swedish team.

Incredibly, Gordon’s story of survival is only half of it. In 2011, Dianne had end-stage liver disease and received a successful liver transplant from Swedish. Then her kidneys began to deteriorate and Swedish gave her another new beginning.

“It’s a huge gift that you often don’t know how to repay,” shares Gordon. He and Dianne have chosen to honor this gift of life and help others by generously supporting Swedish.