Giving for the greater good

R. Guy Hudson, M.D., MBA
CEO, Swedish Health Services

Founders member
Invests in the Swedish Fund for Excellence

Dr. Guy Hudson’s relationship with philanthropy is a tale of two eras. Early in his career as a pediatric urologic surgeon, he saw support from the community through a lens specific to his practice: a grateful parent would thank him for treating their child by sending a donation that he would more often than not put toward a new piece of surgical equipment. It was practical, reactive, a well-appreciated means to an immediate end. 

That lens has broadened considerably, though, since he became Swedish’s CEO three years ago. “I’ve realized philanthropy is a cornerstone of what a health care organization stands for and what it can accomplish,” Dr. Hudson says now. He’s come to see it as not just a tool for improving one program, but instead as an investment in a long-term vision for patient care.

Which explains why he gives to the Swedish Fund for Excellence. Launched in 2018, it’s built on that broader view of philanthropy: gifts to the fund are pooled and then directed to one of a handful of big-picture priorities chosen by our leadership team—including Dr. Hudson himself.

“ I donate to ensure every member of our community has access to world-class health care right here at home” –Dr. Hudson

His personal approach to giving has undergone a similar evolution. For years, he supported a nonprofit children’s literacy program that provided books to underserved youth receiving care at our clinics. “I have a soft spot for kids, given that I spent so many years taking care of them,” he says.

As his role within Swedish has grown, though, so has his perspective on the reach of philanthropy. After all, he’s focusing on a much larger pool of patients these days. “The most important thing for me is that we’re able to deliver the best possible care with the greatest safety for all of our patients,” Dr. Hudson says. “So being able to donate money that can be used for the greater good—and used by people who understand where those needs lie—means the world to me.”

Thanks to supporters like Dr. Hudson—and you—our patients and caregivers have access to innovative health care and hope for a healthy tomorrow.