Giving goes both ways

Sandeep Sachdeva, M.D.
CMO, Swedish Edmonds and Mill Creek

Summit member
Invests in the Edmonds Experience Excellence Fund

When Sandeep Sachdeva, M.D., made his first gift to support our patient care, he was surprised to notice he felt more connected to Swedish. As a physician, he was already giving his time and energy to provide his patients with excellent health care. But as a philanthropic supporter he became more invested in the larger picture.

Now chief medical officer for Swedish Edmonds and Mill Creek, Dr. Sachdeva’s enthusiasm bubbles over as he explains how he supports our physicians, nurses and other staff. “While I may not be as involved in direct patient care now,” he says, “I’m helping the people who help the patients.” He believes the compassion that comes from giving has the power to help our caregivers, and in turn our patients.  

“In the busyness of our work and helping patients who are in distress we can soak up that distress, and it affects us both physically and mentally,” says Dr. Sachdeva. Since the World Health Organization recognized burnout as an official medical diagnosis in 2019, the medical community has continued to grapple with how to help those who are struggling.

“The power of many giving a little is just exponential. Compassion is like a force multiplier.” –Dr. Sachdeva

“Giving has brought me a sense of peace and joy,” says Dr. Sachdeva. “It’s helped me feel re-energized instead of feeling drained.” He’s quick to cite the many benefits of giving from a medical standpoint. Feelings of compassion toward others have been shown to reduce stress levels and make us more receptive to social support.[1]

He hopes that by speaking about his giving, he can help his colleagues see the benefits of giving.

“When you give with a sense of purpose, you get a lot more in return,” says Dr. Sachdeva. “Giving bonds us to the community in a different way; it makes us an active participant.”

His gifts support the greatest needs at Swedish Edmonds, which the leadership team—including Dr. Sachdeva—decide how to direct donations to make the biggest difference in their patients’ lives.

He knows that his physicians are experts in the day-to-day care of patients, and their perspective is vital to his decision making process. Dr. Sachdeva brought his physician team together recently to talk about the challenges they were facing and brainstorm solutions that would help them better care for their patients.

“There was a sense of engagement and empowerment that came directly from bringing our team together” he says. “It gives me goose bumps.” Dr. Sachdeva hopes to continue building that momentum to solve problems and continuously improve how his team cares for our patients.

Thanks to supporters like Dr. Sachdeva—and you—our patients have access to innovative health care and hope for a healthy tomorrow. To learn more about how your gift makes a difference, contact Assistant Philanthropy Officer Michael Delgado at 206-386-3348 or [email protected].

[1] Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2010