Caregiver Campaign Champions

Caregiver Campaign Champions

Thank you for being a 2020 Caregiver Campaign Champion!

As a Champion, you spread the word, answer questions and encourage participation in the 2020 Caregiver Campaign. Here’s the info you need to know:

2020 Campaign Champion Information

What’s the Caregiver Campaign?
The Caregiver Campaign is Swedish’s annual employee giving program, giving you the opportunity to make an impact at Swedish through philanthropy.

This year’s campaign recognizes our spirit of team work as we create a vision for the future of Swedish – together. Join and Be a Vision Maker today!

What’s a Champion?

Your job is to help spread the word among your department and colleagues, answer questions and encourage participation.

Who can be a Champion?
Any Swedish caregiver! We’re looking for your enthusiasm and help sharing the power giving makes at Swedish and in our patients’ lives.

What does a Champion do?

  • Share Campaign Info with your Department
    • Put up posters in your break room
    • Share campaign info at your staff meeting (or invite the Foundation).
    • Working remotely? Host a virtual kick-off event with your team.
  • Encourage participation – Throughout October, you’ll receive a series of campaign emails from the foundation that include information, donation links, highlights of the incentives and RAFFLE PRIZES. You can forward these emails to your team with a personal note reminding them to participate!
  • Be a resource - Answer questions about how to give and what areas people can give at Swedish.
Your Next Step

Share your vision for Swedish in a selfie video!

We are collecting videos from caregivers about our visions for Swedish. We’d love to hear yours. You can answer one of the below questions or send us your thoughts!

  • What is your greatest hope for Swedish? Our patients? Our community?
  • What do you want to see for Swedish in the next 5 to 10 years?
  • What future for Swedish inspires you to give?

Take a selfie video (no longer than 20-30 seconds) sharing your vision for Swedish. Then send it to [email protected] by Friday, September 11th. We will compile the responses and share with all caregivers during the campaign!

When submitting your video, be sure to include your first name, role and department.

Thank you for your participation!

Save the Date - Champion Virtual Kick Off Call with Dr. Hudson!

  • When: September 22nd, 12:00 to 12:30 PM
  • Hosted in Teams
  • Outlook invite will be sent to all Champions; Will be recorded in case you’re unable to attend.
Champion Timeline & To Do:

September 22nd

Join the Champion Kick-off call with Dr. Hudson!

September 28th

Keep an eye out for your Champion supplies, including posters and table tents sent via interoffice mail.

If you are working remote, you’ll receive a digital toolkit.

All Champions will also receive a special Champion thank you gift via email.

October 2nd

Put up campaign posters and table tents in areas frequented by caregivers.

October 8th

Campaign in full swing! All caregivers will receive email and postcard reminders, starting October 8th through October 26th. When you receive these items, it’s a great time to remind your colleagues to give.

October 9th

If working remotely, host a virtual kickoff with your team.

October 12th – October 30th

  • Encourage your colleagues to join
  • Share the Campaign info at your team meeting or invite us to share the info
  • Share your own story or why you give
  • Answer any questions and thank your colleagues for their participation


  • Following the campaign, look out for your incentive prizes


2020 Caregiver Campaign Participation Prizes
  • New Swedish Badge Clip – With gift of $5 or more
  • Special Swedish Gift – With gift of $5 / payroll deduction or $100 one-time gift
  • Weekly Prize Drawings –  October 12th to October 30th
  • Drawing for $250 Amazon Gift Card – All donors
Contact Us

For questions, resources or if you would like us to speak at your team meeting, please contact: 

Laura Graber
Annual Giving Manager
[email protected]