Swedish Cancer Institute

Swedish Cancer Institute

The Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) provides patients access to the latest treatments and the very highest standards in patient care.

Your gift to SCI’s many philanthropic needs—from patient assistance and support services to the latest in cancer research—ensures patients receive extraordinary cancer care.

Patient Assistance and Support Services

Social Work
Philanthropy empowers SCI’s staff of 17 social workers to offer our patients emotional and practical guidance, from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

Cancer Patient Assistance
Patients shouldn’t be forced to choose between paying for their lifesaving cancer treatment and putting a roof over their head. And thanks to donors, they don’t have to. 

Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine

Cancer diagnosis and treatment can make it hard for a person to work, enjoy hobbies, spend time with family, and do what’s important to them. Swedish’s groundbreaking Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine program helps our patients improve their quality of life before, during, and after cancer treatment.

Art and Music Therapy

Through art and music philanthropic giving builds programs that help patients reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and relaxation, develop mindfulness practices and build positive coping skills. Watch our video that provides an introduction to art therapy and guides us through an exercise aimed at helping adults experiencing anxiety and stress.

Mobile Mammography

With two massive mammography clinics-on-wheels, supporters bring lifesaving breast cancer screening to women who would otherwise have difficulty accessing medical care.

Palliative Care
A common misconception of palliative care is that it’s reserved for people who are nearing the end of their life. But palliative care can be beneficial for patients who are at any stage of their chronic illness. 

Cancer Research

Swedish Cancer Institute

Physician researchers at the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) work tirelessly to offer our patients hope. The SCI is a leader in clinical trials developing treatments and cures for many different types of cancers.

Kaplan Research Fund

Led by renowned physician, Henry “Hank” Kaplan, M.D., the Kaplan Research Fund Cancer supports research the newest, most promising research-based therapies to treat a patient’s cancer.

Thoracic Program
The Swedish Thoracic Program offers a complete range of thoracic surgical procedures with an emphasis on thoracic oncology and benign diseases of the esophagus.

Center for Lung Research in Honor of Wayne Gittinger
The Center for Lung Research in Honor of Wayne Gittinger is a regional hub for research and education on lung health. In addition to fueling innovative research on lung disorders, your gift allows us to develop tomorrow’s top clinicians and researchers in the field.

Blood Cancers and Disorders 
The Center for Blood Disorders and Stem Cell Transplantation has quickly become a regional leader in cancers such as lymphoma, leukemia and myeloma, and other blood disorder research and treatment.

VIBE Study
Funded entirely by donations, the study explores how a woman’s personal biology may lead to the development of challenging side effects related to her breast cancer treatment --- and hopefully to head that off.

Cancer Treatment & Care

Personalized Medicine 

Today, gene sequencing allows Swedish Cancer Institute to identify gene abnormalities in cancer cells and then personalize cancer treatments for each patient’s specific cancer, and each person’s specific biology.

True Family Women's Cancer Center

Supported in great part by philanthropy, this center focused on the specific needs of women at every stage of their journey with cancer.

Robert and Jean Reid Family Innovative Therapeutics & Research Unit (ITU)

With incredible philanthropic support from the Robert and Jean Reid Family, Swedish physicians and the community, this state-of-the-art facility gives our patients unparalleled access to the latest clinical trials.

Your Impact - 2020 SCI Impact Report

Supporters like you make the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI) a place of hope and healing for patients from around the Pacific Northwest.

Here you’ll find highlights of what philanthropic giving made possible in 2019—and how your gift will lead to healthy tomorrows for even more patients in the future.

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