Gratitude Report

2019 Gratitude Report

Here for you, no matter what

As we look back on 2019, we’re more grateful for you than ever. Your support put us in the best position to tackle the challenges of 2020. And while many things are uncertain, you can continue to count on us to care for you and your family. Your generous philanthropic investment—more than $26 million in 2019—is transforming how we deliver health care to our community.

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Your Impact

Your Impact

Dr. Guy Hudson’s relationship with philanthropy is a tale of two eras. Early in his career as a pediatric urologic surgeon, he saw support from the community through a lens-specific to his practice: a grateful parent would thank him for treating their child by sending a donation that he would more often than not put toward a new piece of surgical equipment. It was practical, reactive, a well-appreciated means to an immediate end. That lens has broadened considerably, though, since he became Swedish’s CEO three years ago.

By the Numbers

Swedish was founded more than a century ago with the generosity of our community who wanted to provide our region with the best medical care possible. Today, we are the largest not-for-profit health care provider in the greater Seattle area and our vision to provide you with the highest-quality health care remains unchanged. Your philanthropic support is critical to upholding our vision to ensure you have access to innovative health care that’s delivered with the greatest compassion and skill. Following is a snapshot of Swedish as of 2019. Thank you for investing in extraordinary health care for our community.

By the Numbers
Your Investment

Your Investment

Thank you for investing in the innovative, compassionate health care at Swedish. See our financial results for 2019.

Donor Recognition

Your philanthropic support makes innovative, compassionate and personalized health care possible at Swedish. Thank you.

Vanguard - $1,000,000+

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

Paul G. Allen Trust

Chap and Eve Alvord

Stellar - $250,000+

Abbott LaboratoriesTS

The Abe and Sidney Block Foundation

ACS Inc.

Swedish Legacy Partners

Anonymous (13)

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Aigner

Dr. Edward Almquist and Ms. Helen Stusser TS

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Print Gratitude Report PDF
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