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Responding to COVID-19 | Funding Opportunities

As a philanthropic supporter of Swedish, you are our partner in this vital work.

With your help, we can care for our community in this time of need through any of top funding priorities outlined below.
Clinical trials research
Thanks to improvements in the design, approval and deployment of clinical trials, Swedish is actively involved in fighting the spread of COVID-19. Your support can ensure we have the staff necessary to coordinate and report on our findings in the following trials.

Swedish is involved in two clinical trials using the drug Remdisivir, a promising broad-spectrum anti-viral currently being used to treat moderate-to-severeCOVID-19. With your support we can expand access to high-need individuals who are not subjects in those trials.

This oncological supportive care drug, which has been shown to stimulate and strengthen the immune system, may help patients recover from COVID-19 pneumonia. Thanks to our strong team of hematologists, we are well positioned to design and administer a trial to study its effectiveness.

Henry Kaplan, M.D., a revered Swedish physician and researcher is designing a clinical trial using hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria and immunosuppressive drug. Dr. Kaplan will administer it to our first responders and caregivers to study its effectiveness in treating mild COVID-19 symptoms—and preventing the disease altogether.

Convalescent Plasma
Based on the concept of passive immunity, this treatment involves collecting plasma from patients who have recovered from a disease—and subsequently built up antibodies to fight it—and giving it to patients who are still sick. We are ramping up a trial to study its effectiveness in treating COVID-19.

Women’s health & pediatric care
Pregnant women are among those most at risk. We are working with the University of Washington on a program to monitor the health of our pregnant patients, and we need additional resources to track the effects of COVID-19 on maternal and fetal pregnancy outcomes.
Support for older and vulnerable adults
Social distancing is important for reducing the spread of COVID-19, but it’s especially important for protecting older and more vulnerable adults—even those who are healthy. However, it will further isolate those same people and prevent them from accessing food and medication. With your help, we will develop an outreach program to support these community members through delivery of these essential items.
Medical supplies
As we care for more patients with COVID-19, demand for personal protective equipment for our caregivers continues to increase. Your support will allow us to replenish our supply of masks, scrubs, face shields, goggles, centrifuge and other equipment to reduce our caregivers’ exposure and slow spread of the virus.
COVID-19 bio-repository/tissue and data analysis

Understanding why COVID-19 affects patients differently will be vitally important in the months ahead, which is why we’re collecting tissue samples for study. While our resources are currently focused on ensuring the best care for our patients, the time to preserve those specimens is now. You can help us save those samples for later analysis with funding for resources such as a centrifuge and a -80° freezer.

Make Your Gift

We’re working to care for individuals affected by COVID-19 and to limit spread within our community. This takes a tremendous amount of resources.

Your gift makes a true impact on our fight against COVID-19. Thank you.

To learn more about how you can help, contact us at 206-386-2738 or Foundation@swedish.org.