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NICU & Pediatrics

At Swedish, we not only care for you, but we care for your family, too. We deliver more babies every year than any other health system in Western Washington. Most of the time, everything goes according to plan, but when you need a little extra TLC for your precious little one, you have access to our full spectrum of services including prenatal care; childbirth; Neonatal ICU (NICU); and care for older children with ongoing problems – all within one coordinated care team.

Honor the Baby in Your Life: Baby Plaque on the Swedish Family Tree

Welcome your baby into the Swedish family and provide future generations with access to high-quality health care at Swedish with a personalized plaque on the Swedish Family Tree.

With your generous gift of $100, we’ll inscribe your baby’s name on a plaque and display it on the Swedish Family Tree at the campus of your choice – Swedish First Hill, Ballard, Edmonds and Issaquah.
You gift supports comprehensive care for children and families at Swedish.


Center for Perinatal Bonding and Support: Supporting new mothers with postpartum anxiety and mood disorders
Swedish Medical Center delivers 12,000 babies a year. Approximately 20% of these mothers experience some level of post-partum depression. This new intensive 6-8 week outpatient mental health program serves pregnant women and mothers of young children struggling with post-partum depression and bonding issues. The first of its kind on the West Coast, it is the region’s only place for mothers to receive the critical support to recover and live their best lives.
Since opening in 2016, nearly 50% of patients eligible for enrollment could not participate due to financial shortcomings. Your philanthropic support provides much needed assistance to provide this essential treatment for our most vulnerable, underserved patients and their families. Your support will provide patient assistance for transportation and supportive care costs.
Swedish Doula Program: Supporting underserved moms before, during and after labor
Swedish Doula Services launched in January 2016 with these overarching goals:
Enhance families’ birth experience by increasing the use of doula services
Integrate doulas more cohesively into the maternity care model
Elevate the doula profession through strong compensation and professional development
Today, the program currently has over 41 doulas who speak a total of 9 languages to serve our diverse population of patients.
Thanks to philanthropic support, in January 2017, Swedish began offering free doula services to low-income patients to ensure all mothers have the support they need before, during and after the delivery of their newborn.
The Lytle Center: Delivering comprehensive care for mom and baby
With generous support from donors like you, the Lytle Center provides a one-stop care program for new and expectant families. You are helping to give our community access to prenatal services, such as childbirth and parenting classes, and postpartum care, such as breast-feeding support with certified lactation consultants and mental health checkups to screen new moms for postpartum depression.
Since opening just five years ago, the Lytle Center has helped so many families in our community access expert care to help them lead their happiest, healthiest lives.
Swedish NICU: Providing lifesaving care to our tiniest patients
Thanks to you, babies who are born prematurely or who face serious illnesses can receive the timely, specialized care they need to survive.
Swedish First Hill is one of the few hospitals in our region to offer a Level I through Level IV neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and is the state’s largest NICU, with more than 75 beds. Additionally, Swedish Issaquah and Swedish Ballard offer Level II NICUs.
We provide round-the-clock, intensive care for an average of 53 of the most vulnerable babies in our community each and every day. To help our littlest patients make it through their first challenging weeks of life, we deliver extraordinary health care with a nurturing and loving touch. Our team of world-class neonatologists, maternal and fetal specialists and nurses work together to develop personalized treatment plans for each baby.
Pediatric Therapy Services: Giving children with special needs the resources to thrive
Babies who are born prematurely or who battle serious illnesses eventually may face physical or developmental challenges that require additional care. That’s why Swedish Pediatric Therapy Services provides comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapy services to children in our community with special needs.
The Pediatric Therapy Services program serves children ranging from newborns to teens, and offers services such as speech therapy, neurodevelopmental therapy and gait training to help improve their daily functioning and independence. 
Last year, the program moved into a new facility specifically designed for pediatric patients. This larger facility offers two gyms to encourage motor skill development, treatment rooms for speech therapy and a kitchen for feeding therapy—helping more children with disabilities learn the skills they need to lead active and independent lives.
These services are often not covered by insurance, but are essential for improving our patients’ quality of life. Philanthropic donations from supporters like you directly benefit our ability to offer these critical therapy services for children in our community with special needs.
Treatment for Pregnant Women with Chemical Dependency

For more than 25 years, the Swedish Chemically Using Pregnant Women’s Program has served pregnant women in the northwest in any stage of pregnancy using any substance; drug or alcohol. The program involves 26 days of inpatient treatment administered by specialized Swedish clinical staff who work diligently to provide comprehensive therapeutic care for patients and their families. The program also connects patients with community partners including Parent Child Assistance Project, health agencies, DSHS, etc.

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Duncan Robinson
Philanthropy Officer