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Organize an Independent Fundraising Event - Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Swedish Medical Center Foundation.  We appreciate your desire to support our mission:  to improve the health and well being of each person we serve.

Fundraising Guidelines:

  • A complete “Event Proposal Form” must be submitted to Swedish Medical Center Foundation for every fundraising event.
  • Swedish Medical Center foundation will not process individual payments from ticket sales, raffle sales, auctions or other items that are not 100% tax-deductible.  It is the responsibility of the sponsor to provide one payment to Swedish Medical Center Foundation for those items.  We will process payments and provide tax receipts for donations.  All promotional materials must state, “Payments for auction items, tickets, and other items with a fair market value will not be tax deductible or recognized in the Swedish Medical Center Foundation Annual report.”  It is advised that all sponsors consider becoming individual 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations in order to maximize potential tax deductions to event participants. For more information on becoming a registered non-profit benefiting Swedish Medical Center Foundation please contact us directly.
  • The event should fit the mission and promote the appropriate image of Swedish Medical Center.
  • Swedish does not advance monies, solicit sponsorship revenue, or provide insurance coverage for outside fundraising activities.  Swedish cannot be held liable for any expenses incurred by an individual or any organization involved in fundraising on behalf of Swedish and its entities.
  • When approaching businesses and corporations for assistance with the event/promotion, please clear all contact with a particular business with Swedish Medical Center Foundation prior to initiating contact.
  • Swedish Medical Center Foundation reserves the right to opt out as the beneficiary of the event/promotion at any time with no obligation.
  • For confidentiality purposes, Swedish Medical Center Foundation does not release donor, volunteer, employee, physician or other mailing lists for the purpose of additional solicitation of funds by outside groups.
  • The event sponsor agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Swedish Health Services harmless against and with respect to any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses, obligations liabilities, damages, recoveries, and deficiencies, including interest, penalties, and reasonable attorney’s fees that shall be incurred or suffered by Swedish Health Services that result from or relate to the sponsor’s event and the sponsor’s performance of the agreement as specified in these guidelines and on the Event Proposal Form.
  • Washington state law requires licensing to conduct a raffle. If the event will include a raffle, the sponsor must research the raffle guidelines with the Washington State Gambling Commission and obtain a gambling license (if applicable).
  • Event sponsors are required to send a note thanking participants and, if applicable, updating them on the fundraising success of the event within 30 days of the event.
  • The Foundation’s ability to provide services for your event is limited by staff size.  We state this in advance so that there are no disappointments or misunderstandings with regards to our ability to participate with you and support your event.
  • We advise you to consider purchasing insurance to cover your liability for any events that you hold.  All events hosted on Swedish Medical Center property will be required to provide proof of liability insurance.

Event Promotion:

Please do not make any public announcements or promote the event until you receive written permission from the Foundation.

  • All requests for using the Swedish name and logo need to be approved by a contact person at the Swedish Medical Center Foundation.  Images of the logo will be provided to the sponsor upon request.
  • All those raising funds on behalf of Swedish Medical Center will provide a clear and accurate statement of how Swedish will benefit by the event in all advertising, solicitation, programs, promotions and printed materials, scripts, or the link in which the name of Swedish is used.  When recognizing Swedish in approved printed materials, the following language should be used: “proceeds will benefit Swedish Medical Center,” or “An event benefiting Swedish Medical Center.”
  • All community fundraising projects that require promotional visibility must have all promotional materials (including press releases, public service announcements, posters, invitations, etc) reviewed and approved before they are used.


  • Within 45 days after the final day of the fundraising event/activity, please send a final accounting of income and expenses along with your check to the Foundation. Events that do not raise enough money to cover expenses and do not result in a donation being made to the specified program will be more carefully evaluated in future years.