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Independent Fundraising Events

Hosting or organizing your own fundraising event is an excellent way to raise money to support Swedish's mission to improve the health and well-being of each person we serve.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Choose what type of event you want to host. Golf tournament? Bake sale? Musical performance? Review our Tips for organizers for ideas.
  2. Know the facts. Review the mission so that you can share with your family and friends why you are supporting Swedish and where their donation is going.
  3. Review the Independent Fundraising Event Guidelines.
  4. Complete the Independent Fundraising Event Proposal Form. Tell us about your event and ask questions.
  5. After your proposal has been approved, consider creating an honor or memorial page at swedishtributegifts.org if your event is raising funds in memory or celebration of a loved or, or in honor of a caregiver at Swedish . We recommend creating your own personal fundraising page as part of your fundraising strategy. You can use this online tool to receive and record your contributions, or include it along with other offline fundraising options.
  6. Review our Tools you can use. Consider borrowing equipment from the Foundation to make your event a success. We offer mobile credit/debit card swipers so you can process transactions at the event using an iPhone, iPad or Android device. Additionally, we offer signage with the Swedish Medical Center Foundation logo so your attendees know you are supporting Swedish.
  7. When your event is complete, please tell us how it went!
Tips for Organizers

Check out these tips to help you create your very own external fundraising event to benefit Swedish.


Thank you for your interest in supporting the Swedish Medical Center Foundation. We appreciate your desire to support our mission: to improve the health and well being of each person we serve. Review a list of guidelines for planning an event

Tools You Can Use

Consider borrowing equipment from the Foundation to make your event a success. Consider borrowing mobile swipers, signage and more.

Proposal Form

To ensure quick response to your proposal, please complete this form with as much information as possible.