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Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute

Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute (SHVI) is the region’s leading cardiovascular care center, with a broadest range of services and expertise in the most complex conditions. 
SHVI is dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatments to win the fight against heart disease which is the number one cause of death in men and women in the United States.
In our unique environment, our heart and vascular specialists collaborate to provide the most advanced and effective treatments specific to each individual patient. Combining our expertise with the latest cardiovascular facilities, the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment, we offer advanced, integrated and personalized care to patients throughout the Puget Sound region.
Your support provides new technology, enhanced patient education, innovative research and improved patient care.
Aortic Center of Excellence: Providing the best care for all

SHVI operates the most comprehensive heart and vascular program in Western Washington, with nationally recognized specialists who treat a full range of diseases and perform a broad range of advanced procedures in state-of-the-art facilities.

With donations from the community, we’ll build on our team-focused, collaborative model for providing multidisciplinary cardiovascular care to create the Swedish Aortic Center for Excellence. The Center will provide comprehensive care management and support to patients with pre-emergent to acute aortic disease, and their families, including:

  • Scheduling and coordinating clinical visits and diagnostic testing
  • Providing support services and record keeping
  • Facilitation of genetic screening and education
  • Bring schedule multi-specialty treatment planning meetings
  • Management of treatment planning between multiple specialists
  • Providing educational materials related to aortic disease, genetic testing, surgical and interventional cardiology procedures, follow-up care, and lifestyle modifications
  • Connecting patient consultation and counseling

By linking our patient-centered care model to our nationally prominent programs for aorta care, SHVI will not only improve clinical outcomes, but also patient experience.

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Care Innovation, Equipment and Support: Improving Outcomes by combining innovative care with cardiac expertise

SHVI has received national recognition for high-quality, innovative cardiac care. Gifts from the community help us combine our innovative care and cardiac expertise with state-of-the art equipment to offer advanced, integrated and personalized care to our patients, including:

  • Purchase of an Artis zee Large Display Monitor to give our caregivers the ability to centrally observe and track multiple images and real-time sources of patient information. Currently, our interventional cardiologists rely on as many as six different monitors during a procedure. The Artis zee Large Display Monitor will decrease the complexity of the monitoring process and allow staff to arrange, size, and track images from different imaging modalities on a single screen.
  • Creation of a custom application, CardioEncounters, which will fully integrate our cardiology database with the EPIC electronic medical record (EMR) system – the mostly widely used commercial EMR system in the United States. The integration will allow each patient’s information to be quickly collated in the format required for submission to the national cardiology database with a single keystroke. This alignment will help make the database a more robust resource for data mining research and analyses and will make it possible to easily track and process local patient data for participation in national clinical trials. CardioEncounters will help Swedish provide value-based healthcare and eliminate unnecessary testing.
  • Swedish is one of a few sites in the country that is staffed and equipped to perform Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) therapy. This minimally invasive procedure provides an alternative for patients who are too vulnerable for open heart surgery and an alternative to those who otherwise would have no treatment options. It also results in a shorter procedure and hospital stays.
  • Purchase a Rhythmia Mapping System, a next generation 3D mapping and navigation solution to better diagnose and treat all types of arrhythmias with greater clarity, efficiency, and accuracy

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SHVI Cardiovascular Research Program: Strengthening treatment through research

Swedish’s SHVI cardiovascular research program is focused on the development and early adoption of important new treatments and diagnostic techniques that will allow for a more global understanding of cardiovascular disease and directly impact the life expectancy and quality of life of our patients. Since its founding, SHVI has been a national leader in developing hundreds of innovative cardiovascular treatments including Rising Stars.

Rising Stars, funded entirely by philanthropy, is focused on conducting data-driven, cutting-edge research to discover new and better ways to detect heart disease, determine its severity, prevent or delay its progression, develop and examine the effectiveness of new drugs, devices and procedures; and improve the health and well-being of our patients.

Donations to Rising Stars allow our physician-researchers the dedicated time they need to conduct research, purchase equipment, develop new therapies and create support services for innovative research activities that have the potential to both advance our understanding of cardiovascular disease and to provide the best treatment options for our patients.

Donate now to Rising Stars to strengthen treatment options through research

Comprehensive Heart Failure Program: Addressing patient needs at every stage of heart failure

As the largest, most comprehensive cardiac care provider in the Northwest and one of the most advanced cardiovascular facilities in the nation, SHVI is poised to greatly improve health and quality of life for our patients. Our Comprehensive Heart Failure Program addresses the full spectrum of patient needs at every stage of heart failure.

Programs include:

  • John L. Locke Heart Health Clinic
    Designed to treat and manage chronic heart failure and slow disease progression, the clinic provides patients with an array of education and support services to motivate them to improve compliance with prescribed drug treatments and recommended lifestyle changes. 
  • Coordinated care oversight
    Improved coordination of care utilizing technology and staff to facilitate case management activities between physicians, clinical staff, pharmacists, social service workers, psychologists, dieticians, and specialists in weight management support and sleep disorder remediation. This reduces stress and creates a seamless experience for each patient to ensure they receive the most comprehensive and highest-quality care available. 
  • “CHAT” for post-acute care
    The Collaborative Health Action Team (CHAT) provides patients with support, education and resources to help empower self-management of their chronic condition in order to maintain an active lifestyle and reduce relapses and preventable readmissions for acute heart failure. Since the program’s inception, the 30-day readmission rate for heart failure patients at Swedish Cherry Hill has been reduced from a program pre-pilot average rate of 23 percent to a post-pilot average rate of 15.7 percent.
  • Philanthropic contributions help us better serve our patients our patients diagnosed with heart failure, today, and for decades to come.

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Patient Education to Improve Outcomes

One of our highest priorities at SHVI is empowering our patients to better understand their vascular and cardiac surgeries. We believe that knowledge saves lives and empowers patients to make good decisions about themselves and their condition. To do this, we need to equip every patient with the resources they need to better understand their condition, their specific surgery and their post-operative care. We believe a more informed patient will lead to better outcomes.

With donations from the community, we’re working to create an electronic hub that utilizes the latest technology to create customized presentations and resources for each of our patients; a system that:

  • Visually shares a case illustration similar to a patient’s particular situation
  • Displays personalized patient scans so patients can see images of their own heart
  • Generates meaningful discussion so the patient understands their condition and treatment options
  • Enables the patient to review and sign consent forms with ease
  • Your support of our Patient Education Program will help us empower thousands of patients each year.

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Contact Us

To learn more about how you can support the Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute, please contact:

Jay Harris
Philanthropy Director