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We’re coming for you, brain cancer

You might find it surprising, but Mary Dowell had never known anyone with cancer—not a loved one, a friend or a colleague. That is until Mary arrived home from work one afternoon to discover her husband, Joe, lying on the floor. He’d experienced a seizure. Scans at the local hospital revealed the shocking news: Joe had a mass on his brain.
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Meet the president of our fan club

In 2012, Jody Engle’s husband and best friend of more than 30 years, Michael, suffered his third heart attack. He needed emergency open heart surgery and was immediately transported from his local hospital to our cardiac care unit. Jody will never forget the difference it made.
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“My gift will help others survive”

A tiny spot in his cheek. That’s all it was. An initial biopsy showed no malignancy. But then over time, the spot started causing real pain. A biopsy later revealed what Bruce Erfer never thought he’d hear: “This is cancer.”
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Lei vivrà nei nostri cuori sempre*

Devastation. Heartache. Profound loss. Michael Grella felt helpless when he learned that the love of his life, Janet, just 40 years old at the time, needed open-heart surgery for an aortic aneurysm. This was the first of three cardiac surgeries over the course of their 25 years together, the last of which proved to be more than she could endure.
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Joined at the kidney

You can call them “team Lundsgaard”, because they’ve been inseparable since junior high. Today, 59 years later, the couple still does everything together—and their love is just as strong as ever.
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A family tree whose roots start here

The year was 1938. At the time, there was no bridge to Mercer Island where Susan Birkenmeyer Maury’s family lived. When her mother went into labor, she had to travel by boat to deliver her baby into our hands. While her mother recovered after the birth, Susan stayed with us. “I spent the first six weeks of my life in the hospital perfectly healthy, happy and nurtured,” she says.
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Michael’s Why for Giving Every Year

Almost all of his life, Michael Medley has struggled with ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease distinguished by inflammation of the large intestine. The symptoms can be debilitating and the flare-ups unpredictable.
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