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Donor Recognition

Your philanthropic support makes innovative, compassionate and personalized health care possible at Swedish. Thank you.
The following Stellar Club and Swedish Legacy Partners lists recognize lifetime giving to Swedish.
Jump to the Annual Giving list to view donations made in 2018.

Laureate: $20,000,000+


Distinguished Humanitarian: $10,000,000+

Bentley Family Trust

Robert and Jean Reid Family Foundation

Mr. Hansjörg Wyss

Humanitarian: $5,000,000+

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation 

The Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation

Anne Gittinger

John L. Locke Jr. Charitable Trust – Robin Erzinger Knepper, Lida Buckner, Evelyn Anderson

Distinguished Visionaries: $2,500,000+

Dr. Anthony Lo and Dr. Susan Scanlan

Chuck and Karen Lytle TS

David and Sandy Sabey & Family 

Swedish Medical Center First Hill Auxiliary 

Janet and Doug True

Visionaries: $1,000,000+


Chap and Eve Alvord

Apex Foundation, Bruce R. McCaw 

Mrs. Pattie Arnold*

Dr. Nancy Auer and Randal Houtz TS

Helen M. Bentley Trust 

Boston Scientific Corporation

Wenie Din and James Bowen, M.D. 

Joe Clark

Cordis, a Johnson & Johnson Company

Capt. and Mrs. Robert Engstrom

Bruce and Lynn Erfer 

Len Evans

Jean M. Hilton*

The John Gabriel Ryan Corporation

Lars Jonsson and Laurie McDonald Jonsson

Robin Erzinger Knepper 

Laboratory Corporation of America

Estate of Barbara McDonald

Kirby and Diane McDonald TS

The Norcliffe Foundation

Bruce and Jeannie Nordstrom 

Northwest Hope and Healing Foundation 

Providence Health & Services 

Radia Inc., P.S.

Seattle Radiologists APC 

Sellen Construction Company 

Estate of Joseph S. Spinola 

Estate of Patricia J. True

Mr. and Mrs. William L. True

U.S. Anesthesia Partners, Inc. 

University of Washington 

Wanda Jankelson Foundation for Health Care and Research 

Elizabeth Webber and Gregory Hanson 

Bob and Valerie Yurina

Leaders: $500,000+


Mr.* and Mrs. Lucius Andrew III

David and Nancy Auth

Mr. Ronald Berenstain 

Anne and Jack Fontaine

The Guggenheimer Family Foundation 

Jane B. Halligan

John J. and Katherine A. Harnish

Scott and Darel Harrison

Lois Hartman and Richard Mahoney 

Richard and Betty Hedreen

Timmie Hollomon

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Hughes 

Marney Ann Hull

Peter E. Johanson 

Kismet805 Foundation 

Rae and Mark Lembersky

The Lester & Bernice Smith Foundation 

Susun and Scott Livingston

Ms. Jolene M. McCaw 

Susan J. McGregor Trust 

In memory of Lori Pape

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pellegrino 

Jim and Gaye Pigott

Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Pigott 

Ms. Mary Pigott

The Polik Family and ACME Food Sales 

Patricia J. Rosser Living Trust

Mr. Richard D. Sackman

Becky Saunders

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Simonyi 

Jim and Janet Sinegal

Mrs. Lorna A. Stern

Partners: $250,000+

Anonymous (2) 

Rebecca Benaroya 

Carol and Larry Beyer

Dr. Joseph and Barbara Buchman 

Byron and Alice Lockwood Foundation 

Chenta and Suling Chen

Dale Chihuly and Leslie Jackson Chihuly 

Janet and Glenn Edwards 

Mark and Sarah Everitt 

Vera S. Fiorito

Harley and Lela Franco

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Goertzen

Mr. and Mrs. William and Cheryl Gossman

Beau and Julie Gould

Estate of George B. Hampton 

Harold and Ernestine Heath

Ralph and Gail Hendrickson

Dr. and Mrs. Rod and Nancy Hochman 

Jay and Mary Jayne Jones

Tom and Mary Jane Lundsgaard 

Dr. and Mrs. Howard G. Maron and The Warren J. Razore Family Foundation

The Moyer Foundation, Karen and Jamie Moyer

Linda Nordstrom

Mrs. Sally A. Nordstrom TS

Mr. Ancil H. Payne*

Schlanger Charitable Foundation 

John and Juanita Schoeppel 

Martin and Catherine Selig

Scott Swerland

Ned and Joyce Turner TS

William and Ruth* Vance 

Jean Baur Viereck TS 

Weinstein Family Foundation

Ron and Devorah Weinstein 

Jill and Simon Weinstein


Anonymous (16)

Robert L. and Cynthia Aigner 

Dr. George C. Anderson

Dr. Nancy Auer SC TS

Linda Ball

Ms. Myrtice Barr

Ms. Deed M. Barrett-Chase 

Dr. Myrl Beck

Gene Becker 

Joyce Benezra 

Dwayne M. Berg

Mrs. Flossie Bergum 

Mrs. Mavis J. Berke 

Josephine Berman 

Carol and Larry Beyer SC

Nicholas J. Bez

Mr. Peter W. Bigelow 

Mr. Mason Jay Blacher 

Mary Clare Boland, S.P.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Bowser 

Anita Braker and Dave Olsen 

John W. Branch

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Bray

Ms. Marite M. Butners 

Daniel Ciucci

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Clancy TS

Mr. Robert D. Cocherell 

John and Lynn Cockburn 

Milton Cohen and Family 

Robin E. Cole, M.D. 

Raymond Collins

Ms. PJ Condit 

Barbara E. Deer 

Mrs. Edna Deichl 

Beverly Dixon

Miss Margaret Mary Dolan 

Ms. Lura Elverson-White

Capt. and Mrs. Robert Engstrom SC

Bruce and Lynn Erfer SC

Ms. Diane M. Fathi

Anne and Jack Fontaine SC

Joan Sullivan Genthe 

Rita Gill

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Goertzen SC

Michael Grella 

Bob Gundersen

Dr. C. Gordon Hale 

Jane B. Halligan SC

Carol and Andy Harris

Scott and Darel Harrison SC

Drs. Michael and Teresa Hart 

Ms. Kelly L. Hartsell

Ms. Ruby Okada and Mr. Michael Hatmaker 

Andrea J. Helman

Ralph and Gail Hendrickson SC

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Hiscock 

Dr. H. Clark Hoffman

Mr. John Hooper Lowell Houtchens* and Marlene Taylor Houtchens 

Marney Ann Hull

Peter E. Johanson SC

Amy Helen Johnson and John I. Montgomery

Glenn Johnson and Michael Melancon

Shannon Jean Johnson, M.D. 

Mr. Charles P. Johnston

Greg Jones and Theresa Dowell Jones

Jay and Mary Jayne Jones SC

Mr. George Kauffman 

Virginia  Kitchell 

Lorna Kneeland

Robin Erzinger Knepper SC

Michael Kopp 

Edith Kraemer

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Krippaehne Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. B. Richard Levinthal 

Robert D. Lewis, M.D.* and Marcia McGreevy Lewis 

Susun and Scott Livingston SC

Dr. Anthony Lo and Dr. Susan Scanlan SC

Timothy D. Lord, M.D. 

Terry Lundeen

Tom and Mary Jane Lundsgaard SC

Chuck and Karen Lytle SC TS

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Marty

Bob McCleskey and Lori Daigle SC

Jerry McCorkle

Edward McGuirk

Shirley and Homer McKinney 

Mr. Thomas W. Mesaros

Ms. Elizabeth J. Miller TS

Dr. and Mrs. John Milne 

Dr. and Mrs. Marr P. Mullen 

Maureen P. Munger

Jose Panganiban

Sooik Park and Sunghee Hong 

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pellegrino SC

Mr. Wes R. Peters

Susan Porritt 

Della Ramsden

Dale Reisner, M.D. and Family TS

Dr. Peter Ricca and Mrs. Joan Ricca 

Kate Rogers

Mr. Richard D. Sackman SC

Charles Salmon 

Becky Saunders SC

Dianne and Gordon Schlicke 

John and Juanita Schoeppel SC

Mr. Boyd E. Sharp Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Floyd A. Short TS

Dr. and Mrs. Martin Siegel TS

Gary and Jill Smith 

Ms. Storey Squires 

Mrs. Lorna A. Stern SC

Kevin Stevens and Keith Rettig

Dr. and Mrs. Todd A. Strumwasser 

Helen R. Stusser

Gary and Diane Swofford 

Ms. Janet Thompson 

Jim and Marci Thomsen 

Chau Tran

Mr. Tim Truong

William and Ruth* Vance SC

Jean Baur Viereck SC TS

Cuc T. Vo

Louis Von Wiederhold 

John and Janet Wang 

Elizabeth Webber and Gregory Hanson SC

Nicholas and Carol Westlund 

Mrs. Peggy Wilton

Gerda H. Wirz 

James and Sin Woo

Bob and Valerie Yurina SC


2018 Annual Giving

Last year, you invested nearly $40.5 million in innovative and compassionate health care at Swedish. The following recognizes investments made between January 1 and December 31, 2018. Thank you for your extraordinary caring.

Stellar Club Founders Circle Summit Club

Laureate: $20,000,000+


Visionaries: $1,000,000+

Bruce and Lynn Erfer SC

Estate of Joseph S. Spinola SC

Leaders: $500,000+

Len Evans SC

Lois Hartman and Richard Mahoney SC

Marney Ann Hull SC

Chuck and Karen Lytle SC TS

Patricia J. Rosser Living Trust SC

Mr. Richard D. Sackman SC

Partners: $250,000+

Mr. Ronald Berenstain SC

Harley Marine Services SC

John L. Locke R. Charitable Trust – Robin Erzinger Knepper, Lida Buckner, Evelyn Anderson SC

Tom and Mary Jane Lundsgaard SC

The Norcliffe Foundation SC

Robert and Jean Reid Family Foundation SC

University of Washington SC


Founders Circle Fellows: $100,000+

Anonymous (3) SC

Chap and Eve Alvord SC

American Association For Cancer Research

Wenie Din and James Bowen, M.D. SC

Anne Gittinger SC

Timmie Hollomon SC

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Hughes SC

John B. Laughlin

Derek Loeser and Dr. Katie Van Kessel 

Mr. Robert McCleskey and Ms. Lori Daigle

Susan J. McGregor Trust SC

Microsoft Corporation 

Northwest Hope and Healing Foundation SC

The O’Donnell Family Foundation 

PACCAR Foundation 

Performance Home Medical

Kjell and Katerie Schei 

Eliza and Brian Shelden

Mrs. Lorna A. Stern SC

Ron and Devorah Weinstein SC

Weinstein Family Foundation 

Jill and Simon Weinstein SC

Founders Circle Ambassadors: $50,000+

Anonymous SC

John Stephan Banchero Jr. and Linda Banchero

Boston Scientific Corporation SC

The Foundation for Surgical Fellowships

Michael Grella 

Agnes I. Hoving

Charitable Remainder Trust Estate of Lucinda Marie Jacobson 

Kismet805 SC

Medtronic, Inc.

Janee Pennington-Watson and Colin Watson

Petro 49, Inc.

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada 

Jeff and Lara Sanderson

Gerald and Gail Schneider 

Sellen Construction Company SC

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Smith SC

Katherine Sweeney and Vincent O’Halloran

Founders Circle Benefactors: $20,000+

Anonymous (1)

The ALS Association Evergreen Chapter

Sophie L. Anderson Trust 

Jimmy and Patty Barrier 

Joyce Benezra

Eric and Gloria Bensussen 

Bike the US for MS

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 

Richard and JoAnn Block

The Boeing Company 

Chenta and Suling Chen SC

Mr. Frank J. Coyle

Patricia A. Dana

Epic Systems Corporation 

Dr. Richard Ferse

First Choice Health Network Inc.

M. Jean Fisher Living Trust 

The Foster Foundation 

Chuck and Jill Friedman 

Genentech Inc.

Mahmood Ghassemi 

The Glenhome Trust at Seattle Foundation

The Guggenheimer Family Foundation SC

Dave and Bobbie Hinton

John and Rebecca Laughlin

Laughlin Supply Company 

Carol Lindsey

Kurt and Diana Lindsey 

Terry Lundeen

Gary and Cecelia MacPherson 

Heike and Ed Malakoff

Nancy and Aaron Marcus 

Michael D. Martin

Teresa Mayberg, M.D. and Marc Mayberg, M.D.

Mike and Myra McCoy 

Michael Medley

MiMedx Group, Inc.

Estate of Vincent Moore 

David and Mette Naness

Deanna Nelson and Steven Marshall 

The O.D. Fisher Charitable Foundation 

Mr. Roger and Mrs. E. Annette Rieger 

Kent Rukke

Ryan Hill Research Foundation 

Schlanger Charitable Foundation SC

Dianne and Gordon Schlicke

The Schuler Family Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. James K. Schuler

Ms. Jennifer Scully 

Seattle Storm

Sequoyah, LLC

Jim and Janet Sinegal SC

Skacel Family

Silver Cloud Foundation 

Jeffrey Sorg

Bill and Karen Steele

George and Stephanie Suddock 

Scott Swerland SC

Tumor Institute Radiation Oncology Group LLP 

Suzanne and Jeffrey Westcott, M.D. 

Westminster Cracker Company 

Joseph White and Sherry Zeiler

Founders Circle Sponsors: $10,000+

Anonymous (4)

Alfred & Tillie Shemanski Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Alhadeff 

American Cancer Society

American Music Therapy Association 

Raylene and Howard Arntzen 

Ricardo and Sharon Arroyo

Mike and Erin Azose 

Joe and Karyn Barer

Richard Beare Family Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Benaroya 

Donna R. Benaroya

Carol and Larry Beyer

Nicholas J. Bez

Joseph and Maralea Binz 


Steve Bozeman Memorial Golf Tournament 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Brighton 

The Burning Foundation 

Cascade Holdings Group, LP 

Ms. Namchee Chan and

Ms. Suzanne Arlt

Frank and Marilyn Clement 

The CM Group

Michael Coleman 

Elaine Coles

Costco Wholesale Corp. 


Davis Wright Tremaine LLP 

Kerry Donner

Dale and Shereen* Doughty 

Ms. Mary K Dowell

Mike and Karen Dunlop

Fisher Foundation for Family Health 

The Gerald and Susan Schwalbach Family Foundation

John M. Gilbertson Foundation 

Gilead Sciences Inc. 

glassybaby White Light Fund 

Mr. and Mrs. William and Cheryl Gossman SC

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Gottesman

Tim and Marilyn Groves

Jane B. Halligan SC

Jeffrey and Kathryn* Hardie 

Scott and Darel Harrison SC

Ed and Jan Hartstein 

George and Joyce Heiser 

Molly Hill

Robin Hirao Otani and Doug Otani 

Guy Hudson, M.D.

Jessica and Tom (Thomas) Hughes 

Tom and Marsha Kauzlarich

Nick and Michele Keller

Paul and Kristy Kelley 

Richard Kobylka

Rae and Mark Lembersky SC


Lilly Grant Office

Lex Lindsey and Lynn Manley 

Lopker Family Foundation 

Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Jennifer Martin

Stephen J. and Irene L. Meaney Family Trust

Mr. Michael Melancon and Mr. Glenn Johnson

Mrs. Carla Millage and Mr. Wayne Millage

Sue Mills and Laurie Sorenson*

Robert and Valerie Moehring

Dr. Karla Mooers*

Stephen and Elizabeth Morris Charitable Trust

Bruce and Jeannie Nordstrom 

Mrs. Sally A. Nordstrom SC TS

Northwestern Mutual of Puget Sound 

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation 

Nuckols-Keefe Family Foundation 

Robert and Cathy O’Rear

Pfizer, Inc.

Margaret Panko Pfleger 

Jim and Gaye Pigott SC

The Polik Family and ACME Food Sales SC

Richard and Barrie Galanti Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Robbs

Diane and John Sabey 

Salal Credit Union

Schoenfeld-Gardner Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Schoenfeld 

John and Juanita Schoeppel

Gary and Marie Schulze 

Seattle Emergency Physicians Services, Inc.

The Sidney, Milton and Leoma Simon Foundation

Tanya Sorensen M.D. and Justin Coughlin

Swedish Cancer Institute Medical Oncology

Scott Trethewey

Janet and Doug True SC

Jean Baur Viereck SC TS

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Mr. Tom Keane and Dr. Lara Wagner 

Kirsten Ward and Steve Beinner 

Russell W. Wing

Gina Woods and Christopher James


Summit Club Patrons: $5,000+

Anonymous (3) 

Alaska Air Group Inc

Mr. Thomas Alberg and Ms. Judi Beck

Alex McMillan Family Foundation 

AstraZeneca LP

Kathleen and Ralph Aye, M.D.

Judith Barbee

Estate of Lois M. Barner

Estate of Janet L. Bates

Bella Baby Photography

Biogen Inc 

Patricia Black

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Elizabeth A. Bracken 

Koni and Don Braman

Tracy Briggs and Tiffany Brown 

Brighton Jones LLC

Alec Brindle

Jeffrey Carter and Lisa Peterson 

Dr. Peter and Mrs. Lisa Casterella 

Hugh and Nicole Chang

Kent and Barbara Chaplin 

Will Cheney

Howard and Judy Chermak 

Clovis Oncology

Cook Inc.

Diane D’Arcangelo 

Wayne Domke 

Jody A. Engle

Katherine Russell Enright 

Vera S. Fiorito SC

Four Seasons Resort - Punta Mita 

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Friedman 

Eli and Karen Friedman

FTI Consulting, Inc

Jim and Katarina Garner

Juanita Garrison

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Gilchrist 

Rita Gill

Mr. Gordon O. Godfred 

Charles Goggio, Jr.

Google Matching Gifts Program 

Donald G. Graham Jr. TS 

Michelle and Joe Gretsch

Gary and Sandee Hamatani

Dr. Hannsjoerg Hasche-Kluender 

Luther Haugan

Jack and Debbie Hawes

Jeff and Shelly Heier 

William C. Holliday

Heidi and Gunnar Ildhuso

Dr. Karen James and Mr. David James 

Johnson & Johnson Services Inc.

Don and Gail Jones 

Lynn and Timothy Kepl

Lake Partners Strategy Consultants 

Midori Lawler

Paul Lawrence*

Ciara and Andrew Leckie 

Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Lee 

Leonetti Cellar

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Life Support Auxiliary

Tracey and Eric Lind 

Andrea and Jordan Lott 

Jeremy Lott and Jessica Abramson-Lott 

Brian Louie and Shannan Hove 

Fred and Judith Luchino 

Donald and John Mangini 

Karen Marcotte Solimano and James Solimano 

Lois Mayers

Daniel and Candace McFarland 

Kip and Debbie McKenzie 

Medtronic Foundation

Mercer Island Rotary Club

Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation 

Michael Miyauchi Foundation

Mr. C. Eric Morse – Sales Result, inc. 

Myriad Genetics, Inc.

Misty and James Nordale 

Nordstrom Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Nordstrom Jr. 

Olympus America Inc.

Norbert and Andrea Orth 

Otto Family Foundation

Pacific Gynecology Specialists PC 

Mrs. Bridget K. Perry and Mr. Tipton A. Blish

Drs. Rebecca and John L. Petersen II 

The Polyclinic

Susan and Richard* Porritt 

Porsche Bellevue

Paul and Dawn Quick 

RBC Capital Markets 

Melissa and Kyle Reault

Edward and Bernadette Renouard 

Dr. and Mrs. Saul E. Rivkin TS 

William and Debbie Ruther

Alice Ryder 

Chris Saitta 

Lawrence Schall

Gary and Karen Schwartz 

Judith Schwartz

Seattle Mariners

Yeying Shan and Steven Michelson 

Frank and Jennifer Shields

Shire HGT, Inc.

Dr. Robert D. Sigley* 

The Sloan Foundation 

Kendra and David Smith 

Peter A. Snyder

Sound Credit Union 

Katherine Stueland

Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 

Swedish Medical Center First Hill Auxiliary


John and Lori Top

Ned and Joyce Turner SC TS

Jay and Kathy Vogelsang 

Brian and Susan Vowinkel

Jim Walsh, M.D. and Colette Flanagan 

Wes and Bernie Ward

Washington Trust Bank 

Sally A. West

Kevin Westrick

James and Amy Wetter 

William O. and K. Carole Ellison Foundation 

Gilbert H. Wong

Mrs. Gail A. Wyman

Summit Club Contributors: $2,500+

Anonymous (1) 

Abbott Laboratories

Adobe Systems Incorporated Matching Gift Program

Amgen USA

Asche Family Fund at Kitsap Community Foundation 

Eric and Jessica Aslakson 

Donald and Maxine Barnard 

Steve Barnet and Michelle Foreman Barnet 

Drs. Amir and Sarah Bastawrous

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals 

Kristina and Joe Belfiore

Bella Katie

Dr. Lauren Blair

Robert and Barbara* Bridge 

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

Carrie and Thomas Brown, M.D. 

Scott and Pam* Cameron 

Rebecca Campbell

Caris MPI, Inc 

Celgene Corporation

CellNetix Pathology & Laboratories 

Stanton and Sally Cole

Niamh and Matt Coleman 

Peter and Yeon Cramer 

Julie and Mike Crosetto 

Trevor Culley

Joyce and Scott* Cutler 

Drs. Glen and Alexis David 

Linda and Jeff Day 

Theresa Demeter

Diane and Peter Demopulos, M.D. 

Brian and Cairns Dempsey

Victor DiPietro Family Foundation 

DNA Seattle

Dr. Michael Doherty and Susan Foley 

Ms. Colleen M. Douville

Brian Duchin and Kelsey Sheldon 

Dr. Katherine Eastwood and Christy Lynn Morris 

EndoGastric Solutions 

Erbe USA Incorporated 


Fairway Independent Mortgage of Lynnwood and Gig Harbor

Randi Fattizzi

Dr. Mehmet Fer and Ms. Demet Kitis 

Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Dr. Lisa Florence and Hank Florence 

David and Dorothy Fluke

Stephen Forde Foundation Medicine, Inc. 

Janice Francisco

Ying P. and Wai S. Fung 

Pamela Gallagher Felt 

Michelle and Matt Galvin 

Michael and Jane Gates 

Mrs. Eileen H. Gilman 

Given Imaging, Inc.

Dr. Teresa Goepfert and Mr. Briar Waterman

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene W. Goertzen SC

Frederick Goldberg and Carolyn Lakewold

Dr. Sheldon Goldberg and Ms. Karen Treiger

David Goodman

Doug and DeeDee Grier 

Guardant Health

Kari Haas

Mu Han and Yihong Han 

Libby Hanna

Drs. Michael and Teresa Hart 

Petunia Charitable Fund and Elizabeth J. Hebert 

Robert and Eileen Hershberg 

Ms. Joanna Hill

Kathy Hill

Bob and Wendi Hinton 

Innovative Advantage, Inc. 

Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

John and Mary Wilson Foundation 

Mr. Michael D. Johnson

Keller Rohrback, L.L.P 

Jason and Jennie King 

Matt and Stephanie King 

Jerry Knoben

John and Claire Koenig 


Mike and Susan Kropp 

Dr. Susan Kupferman and Mr. Michael Raskin

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lassige 

Corrie LaVelle

Dr. Christopher Leininger and Mrs. Jyl Leininger

Sharilyn and Kurt Lippman 

William Longhurst

Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Luvera Jr. 

Jeffrey and Rebecca Lyman 

Bob Mahler

Jennifer Malakoff

Trish and Seamas Markey 

Matt and Susan Maury 

MEDNAX Services, Inc. 

Dennis and Laura Meinhardt 

Ms. Harriet Mendels Weiss 

Merck & Co.

Jeff Meyer

Paula Mitchell

Dave and Carrie Montague 

David and Tami Mooers 

Sally Morris

Stan A. Moser

Mr. and Mrs. Tracy C. Neighbors 

Northern Industrial

Roger and Sheron O’Connell 

Alex and Thomas Olsen

Overlake Obstetricians and Gynecologists, PC

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Overton 

Sid Padgaonkar

Ms. Jean Patterson

Polygon Northwest Company 

Regeneron Healthcare Solutions, Inc 

Don Rich

Kristi and Chad Robins

Robert Roblee and Ron Johnson 

Peter and Julie Rose

Patrick E. Ryan Jr., M.D. 

Esther and Richard Salinsky

Dr. Paul R. and Mrs. Debra L. Sauvage 

Lindsey and Molly Schwartz

Seattle Radiologists APC SC

Teresa Serex

Jamie and Andy Shanks 

Jennifer and Mike Simons 

Moya and Donald Skillman 

John and Susan Skovron 

Stifel Nicolaus


Susan and Mike Sullivan 

Swedish Cancer Institute 

Gary and Diane Swofford

Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. 

Virginia and Lyle Tenpenny

Mr. and Mrs. B. Scott Thomas 

Britney and Sean Thompson 

Kim and Ron Thunen

TORAX Medical, Inc. 

UCB, Inc.

Dr. Dan Veljovich and Mrs. Natalie Veljovich

Dr. Tanya Wahl and Mr. Gordy Wahl 

Stuart and Hilary Weiss

Ral West and John Hardwick 

Sue Wilson Tabor

Al and Jan Winterroth 


James and Sin Woo 

Wyman Youth Trust

Reza and Mojdeh Yasseri 

David and Shauna Youssefnia 

Sarah and Tony Zabel

Alaina and Daniel Zender

Summit Club Members: $1,500+

Anonymous (4)

Janet Abe Lee and Steven Lee 

Carolyn Abe Ling and Robert Ling 

Mr. Mulu Abraha

Accuray Incorporated 

Acorda Therapeutics

Richard Adler, JD and Donna Adler, MPH 

Advanced Infusion Solutions

AIG Matching Grants Program 

Rene Alkoff

James and Margaret Allison 

Mr. and Mrs. Eli Almo

Ambry Genetics Corporation

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Anderson 

Dr. Roger and Lisa Anderson 

Charles and Susan Andonian 

Mrs. Phoebe H. Andrew SC

Daniel and Stephanie Arildson

Robert and Traci Arron 

Angie Ashe

Avanir Pharmaceuticals 

Alan and Terry Axelrod 

Heidi Aylsworth

Arleen and John Balciunas 

Eckhard and Barbara Baumueller 

Mark and Juliann Beales

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beckes 

Helene Behar

Dr. Richard Billingham and Ms. Judith Folks

Bishop Fleet Foundation 

Ms. Jayne A. Blackburn, R.N., M.S.N., C.C.R.N.

Jack and Maralyn Blume TS 

Bruce and Lynn Boyd 

Carol and Jack Briggs

Alex Brown

Andrew and Courtney Browne 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Buchan 

Mr. Carl Bunje

Phill Butler

Thomas and Margo Bykonen TS

Cactus Restaurants Canlis

Andy Case and Ralph Fateiger 

Melissa Cate

Claudia and Steven Cheyne-Cook 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Clancy TS 

Paul Coebergh

Susie and Stephen Cohen 

Clark Coler, M.D. and Rhea Coler, Ph.D. 

Tiffany Cook

Andrew and Emilia Cosentino 

Elizabeth and David Crouch

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore B. Daniels 

Robert Darling

Dr. Richard Davies and Mrs. Janey Davies

Nancy and Rick Davis 

Mr. Robert Devine and Ms. Karen Edgerton 

Rick* and Polly Dodd 

Jean Doerge

Maggie and Bill Dorsey 

Mr. and Mrs. William Duff

Mr and Mrs.* Joseph M. Dunn 

Mrs. Jessie J. Dupar TS 

Margaret and Malcolm East

Lindsey and Carolyn Echelbarger 

Eisai Inc.

Enterprise Holdings Foundation 

Lisa and Warren Fein, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip F. Frink Jr. 

Tucker and Janette Garner 

Tom and Suzanne* Gemmell 

Joan Sullivan Genthe

Donna and Michael Gerity 

LaRee and Hamid Ghassemi 

Courtney and Matt Godofsky 

Dr. Kathleen S. Goetz

Glenn and Jody Gold 

Caryn and Philip Gold 

Brian and Kim Graham 

Josef E. Gray

Jeffrey and Lucia Hagander 

Michelle Hennedy

Mr. Christopher J. Herbig

Howard and Frances Keller Family Foundation

HSC Acquisition, LLC

Carlos Hubert and Sharbani Roy 

Infant Home Photo Therapy Maternal 

Infant Homecare Inc.

Intercept Pharmaceuticals 

InVentiv Health

Mrs. Donna Jensen 

Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Harvey and Robin Lynn Kanter 

Susan and Henry Kaplan 

James Kent

KeyBank Foundation 

Kim Family

Andrea and Dwayne King 

Lorna Kneeland

Fred Krick & Family 

Ms. Judith C. Lanou

Law Offices of James S. Rogers 

Andrew and Donna Lee

Drs. Christine Lee and Eric Vallieres 

Dr. Eric Lehr and Mrs. Anne Lehr 

Angel Leung

Thomas and Joy Lewis

Susun and Scott Livingston SC

Loomis Foundation

Susan Carmel Love and James Love SC

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lund

Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals Services 

Dennis Maher

Marci and Randy Mann 

Manual Therapy International Professional Services, P.L.L.C 

March of Dimes Foundation 

Dean and Sally Martin

Tom and Carolee Mathers 

Mr. Richard W. Mathes 

Ronald and Carol McCarthy 

Mike McGlinchy

Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Milder 

David and Victoria Miles

Ms. Elizabeth J. Miller TS

John Minder

Jodie and David Miner 

Virgil L. Minter

The Mycoskies Natera Inc.

Sandra Norris and Dr. Thomas Norris TS

Novocure, Inc.

Kip and Melissa O’Kelley 

Margaret and Jeff O’Mara 

Min S. Park and Eric Blom 

Dr. Akshal Patel

Jennifer Patterson and Michael Friedrichs

Penumbra, Inc. 

Rosemary W. Peterson 

Pharmacyclics, L.L.C. 

Ginny and Brad Pietila 

Mrs. Jutta Plummer 

Paul and Judith Polzin

Mr. and Mrs.* Leigh W. Rabel

Steve and Linda Reichenbach 

Dale Reisner, M.D. and Family TS 

Carrie Rhodes

Susan and Mark Richter 

Duncan and Shiva Riddell 

Omar and Adela Riojas

Roche Diagnostics Corporation 

Arthur and Ellen Rubinfeld 

Judy and Fred Rupert

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Ryan TS

Kellie Ryan 

Ann Ryles 

Steve Sabel

Kabir and Noreen Shahani

Silver Cloud Hotel Seattle – Broadway 

Sirtex Medical Inc.

Chad and Kristen Smith 

Dennis N. Smith 

Michael James Snyder

Vinton and Amelia Sommerville 

Antonio Sponza

St. Jude Medical, Inc. 

Margaret Stanley

Stuart and Kathryn Steadman 

Susan and Daniel Steinborn 

Peter and Sarah Stewart

Dr. Jeffrey Stolz and Mr. Timothy O’Connor 

John and Carla Stroh 

Stuart and Barbara Sulman 

Swedish Thoracic Surgery

The Susan and Robert Nathane, Jr. Charitable Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation

Victoria and Allen Symington

Dalton and Pamela Thomas

Cleaves and Wendy Thompson

Kathryn Tonder, M.D. 

Estate of Heywood Tsang

Jane Turlo and Mac Chavarria 

Twinstrand Biosciences, Inc. 

John and Kelsey Van Miert 

Catherine Venable

Marylyn Vincent

Kev Vorhees and Kayla Driscoll 

Ms. Tricia Voss

Neil Voth

Wako Life Sciences, Inc. 

Cliff Webster

Richard and Laurie Weinman 

Peggy and Ed White

Mrs. Marianne H. Wolff 

Dr. Jack Woolley 

Robert and Ruth Wright

Mr. Carl Zapora and Ms. Cheryl Foster


Anonymous (5)

Warren and Diana Aakervik 

Michael C. Abe

Norman D. Abe

Acme Food Sales, Inc. 

Cliff Allen

Col. Gary W. Allen, D.M.D. and Mrs. Susan J. Allen

Alpha Modalities, LLC 

Chelea Alwine

Leslie Amira

Evelyn and Randolph Anderson 

Dr. Garnet Anderson and Mr. David Carrell

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Arensberg

Rebecca J. Arnold

Kim Atkinson

Larry Atkinson

Dr. Nancy Auer and Randal Houtz SC TS

Avenue Medical Products 

Christine Bartlett

Linda and Mike Bashaw 

David and Barbara Beatty

Jeanne Beauregard and Marc Stolzman 

Mr. Zane H. Behnke

Craig Beilinson

Josh Beloff and Eva Corets 

Larry and Sherry Benaroya 

Madeline Betlach

Lolinda and Dennis Bigelow

Karyn Blasi-Hellar and Charles Hellar 

Greg Bloom

Carolina Bloomberg 

The Bocek Family

Mr. Dean J. Brooks and Mrs. Renae E. Brooks

Jane Brooks

Ms. Carol L. Brossier

Estate of Dr. Walter S. Brown 

Alan Brown and Scott Galiher 

Kim Buike

Elizabeth Campbell 

Darlene M. Chan, D.D.S. 

Dr. Elizabeth Cotter and Mr. Ken Tarleton

Barbara Coven-Ellis and Paul Hopper

Mr. Mark Craemer and Ms. Dina Johnson

Jeffrey and Shelli Critchlow 


Christopher Dale, M.D. and Rebecca Dale, M.D.

Karen Davis

Ms. Stacey L. Dickinson 

William Dickinson

Mr. and Mrs. Blair B. Dillaway 

The Dunn Family

Bill and Toby Donner

T.L. Doolittle 

Tom Downey

Rebecca S. Duke, M.D. 

Mr. Lawrence Dupuis 

Lindsay and Patti Eberts

Donald and Deanne Etsekson 

Lori Fagnan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Ferry

Ms. Cora L. Fields 

Thomas Fish

Edward, Eric, Rodney and Craig Fisher 

Dr. Michael Florence and Mrs. Gwen Florence 

Four Seasons Hotel Seattle 

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Dr. Eleanor Friele and Mr. Robert Friele 

Fuel Coffee/High 5 Pie

Phil and Jodi Gable 

David and Jo Gartenberg 

GE Foundation

Sara and Jed Gorden, M.D.

John Gossman and Jacki Roberts 

Bess Granby

Mr. and Mrs. Craig H. Griffo

Fred and Margaret Grimm 

Jill Hall


Mr. Robert Hamatani

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hansberry 

John and Sharon Hanson 

Matt Harley and Liz Weber 

Kristin and Gregory Hart

Kristi Hartway 

Greg Hawes

Dr. Melinda E. Hawkins 

Richard and Betty Hedreen SC

Helsinn Oncology

Doug Henrikson 

Lisa Hess

W.J. and Jean Higgins 

Joe and Virginia Hillers 

Arden and Brad Hofler 

David and Carla Hogan 

Mr. Douglas Holtzman

Ashley and Joshua Hossman 

Mr. Carl Hossman Jr.

Bob Housner

Dr. Wendy Chang

Ms. Barbara Hutchings 


Inglewood Golf Club 

Lance Isaacson 

Nick Johanson

Allen Johnson, Jr. and Jill Johnson

Mr. Clark A. Johnson

Dr. Philip Juno 

Liliane Kamikazi 

Arnold Kas

Steve and Mary Kastenholz 

Nancy Kent

King & Oliason, P.L.L.C. 

Rick Koch

Michele and Adam Kohorn

Aaron Koopman and Sarah Smith 

Ms. June K. Kubo TS

Diane Kuenster

Ladies Auxillary F.O.E. #3054 – General Fund

Jon and Eva LaFollette 

Jere Lansinger

Mrs. Kathy Dunbar Later 

Stuart and Marian Laughlin 

Melisa Lea

Chun S. Lee

Jean and Dennis Lee

Morgan Lee 

Ronald Leibsohn

LeRoss Family Foundation 

Denis Leverich

Libby Helms, Inc dba The Good Beginning 

Silvija Liepa

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lindal 

Ms. Julie A. Lockwood

The Lookout at Lake Chelan 

Sheryl Louis

Hailee Lund

Todd and Judy Lunde 

Sandy Ma

Bill Mahoney 

Mrs. Julie Malone

Anthony and Patricia Marshall

Ms. Melissa Marshall and Mr. Hirsch Katzen

Sara E. Martin del Campo 

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Marty 

Don and Janece Mason 

Janet Matson

Gerry and Barbara Maurer 

Jodi and Dave McCarthy

S. Stacy McCarthy

Anne and Richard McGee, M.D. 

Michael and Nicki McMahan 

The Metzger-Charleson Family 

William K. Meyer

Karen and Ken Miller 

Pamela and Robert Miller 

Catherine and Yoram Milo 

Mark and Lauren Mincin 

Dean Miskimens

Beverly Mooers 

Ian Mooser 

Christi Muoneke 

Ryan Mutek

Martha Nalebuff and Mark Wagner 

Matthew Neerincx and Shu Scott 

Ben Nelson

Anne M. Norman

Dr. and Mrs. Dodi Nov 

Steve Ouellette

Llewellyn N. Packia Raj, M.D. 

William and Katherine Pettit

Caroline Pfeil

Barbara Polkinghorn 

Andrew Price

Julie Prince

Luce and Adrian Proctor 

Puget Sound Cancer Centers 

Liz and Brian Quinn

Tim and Tami Reinertsen 

Akbar and Juana Rezaie 

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rinne 

Holly Risan

Harlan Robins

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Sack 

Michael Sack and John Saul 

Bill and Karen Sample

Mr. Louie Sanft 

Stanley Sayer

Mr. Brian Schlosser 

Nancy Schultz

Scott Shapiro and Jena Thornton

Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Sidell 

Michael and Stephanie Smith 

Stanley R. & Frances Roth Schill Foundation

Scott and Donna* Stirton

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Strenge 

Ms. Elke Suber

Edward Suharski and Elizabeth McCarty

Dr. Wayne Suyenaga and Mrs. Natalie Suyenaga

Swedish OB/GYN Specialists – First Hill 

Mr. Gary Takahashi

Utta and Bill Tellini 

Mr. Daryl Teshima

Ayala and Raymond Thomas 

Myron and Wendy Thomas

Jere Thornton 

Towers Watson 

Mr. Kevin S. Traff 

Erica Tripard

John H. Tschirhart, M.D. and Karen Wang, M.D.

Katherine Tsing-Choy 

Tucker Family Foundation

Douglas and Catherine Tveter 

Shelley Urquhart

Vacation Internationale 

William and Ruth* Vance SC

Via Lago

Ms. Colette Vogele

Ms. Betty M. Volpentest 

Mindy Waham

John and Janet Wang 

Mrs. James M. Webb 

Jocelyn Webster

Joseph and Kathryn Weinstein 

David and Sharon West

Kristin Wilson

Chris and Kathy Witherspoon 

Steve and Kristen Wood 

Marie and Mark Working

Dr. John Wright and Mrs. Lanita Wright 

Frances and Cecil Yother

Marielle and Gaston Zenden 

Ms. Ruth L. Zimmers


Anonymous (14) 

Sainath Adhiraj

Michael and Michelle Adler 

Halley and Todd Agnello 

Dr. Carla Ainsworth and Mark Ainsworth

Mr. Joseph Alexander III 

Mikaela Alger, M.D. 

David and Mary Alhadeff 

Heather Alhadeff

Ms. Karen J. Allvin 

Mark Alstead

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Altaras 

American Association for Thoracic Surgery 

Ms. Tamie Andersen 

Cathi Anderson

Jacqueline Anderson

Kristina and Chas Anderson 

Marilyn Anderson

Mr. Robert A. Anderson 

Sue and Chuck Andonian 

Dr. William Anthes and Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Anthes 

Apollo Endosurgery Inc

Apple Matching Gifts Program 

Dr. Deborah Armstrong

The Arnone Family

Estate of Barbara G. Ashton 

Donald Aughenbaugh 

Sibley Bacon

Baird Foundation 

Harold Bakke

Ms. Lourdes G. Baldillo 

Tony Balevski

Larry D. Banks 

Bar Dojo

Stacey and Roland Barber 

Mary Bardon

Kathryn Barnett 

Douglas Bartells 

Joel H. Beckerman

Dianne and Marc Beilinson 

James and Karla Bennett 

Frederick Bern

Peter and Janice Berquist 

Bethlynn, L.L.C.

Michael Betlach

Ms. Teresa Bigelow and Dr. Eric Larson 

Irene Birdsall

Mrs. Kate Black 

Katy and Kevin Blair 

Jane Blaisdell 

Marjorie Bombar 

Bob Brady

Ms. Jennifer Bragg

Mary and Peter Brandenburg 

Justin and Kristen Brantner 

Jo Brenneis

Kathleen Bright 

Anne Brindle

Drs. David & Virginia Broudy

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Brown III

Drs. Claire L. Buchanan and Paul J. Rasmussen

Melinda A. Buckley

The Derre Buike Family 

Peggy Burnett

Mrs. Laurie A. Burns 

James S. Calderhead 

Peter and Ann Cangany

Rob Caplan and Jennifer Teed 

Ginger Carter

Kristi Casiano 

Cal Cederblom

The Honorable Arthur R. Chapman 

Paulanne Chelf

Dr. LuAnn L. Chen

Lori and Kevin Chisman 

Atsuko J. Chitose TS 

Barbara Christenson 

Leon Chute

Ms. Cynthia Clegg 

Mr. Kirk Clothier

Jeff and Shirley Cobb

Tom Cobb

Connect Cheer NW 

Jill Conner

Gary and Kathleen Cooper 

John and Lori Copeland

David Copley and Steven Chapman 

Ellis and Roberta* Corets

Mrs. Pamela Cotton

Peter Crane and Jody Gebbers Crane 

Jill Cronauer and Ben Gauen

Lizbeth and Gerald Culhane 

cuniform, L.L.C.

Donald and Suzanne Dally 

Stacy and Mike Dalrymple 

Kathleen Daman

John Danell

Sarah Daniels and Rod Fleck 

Barbara M. Davidson

Terri Davis 

Dr. Zoe Davis

Frank and Dolores Dean 

Linda and James DeForest

Mr. and Mrs. Luino Dell’Osso Jr. 

Diane and Art Demeerleer

Sally and John Demetre 

Mike and LaRae Denney 

Margaret and Steve Doman 

Fred and Harriette Dorkin 

Dr. Charles Drescher and Ms. Robin Foster-Drescher 

Brad and Cristi Duea

Dr. and Mrs. James Duncan 

Ty Duong

Sally and Roland Dutton 

The Dziok Family

Donna and Doug Earle 

Linda Kelley Ebberson and Randal Ebberson 

Mr. Robert Echentile 

Maxine Eisen

Kristin Engel

Dr. Milton English and Mrs. Nancy English

Todd Ensign

Michael and Barbara Epplin 

Pamela and Robert Eshelman 

Frank Eugene

Gloria and John Evans 

Michael and Carolyn Evered 


Ms. Courtney Fahy 

Kevin and Lynn* Fallows 

Sharon and Chris Farac

Hossein and Leyla Farange 

Nancy Faulkner

Kris and Cliff Fellrath 

Ann and John Felton 

Five D Farms

Ms. Sarah Daniels and Mr. Rod Fleck 

Chris and Michelle Fleharty

John Fletcher

Linda Floyd and David D’Souza 

Mr. Stephen Fox

Karen L. Freeman

Ross H. Frohn, M.D. and Katherine A. Mandell, M.D.

Mr. Manfred Gabriel

Dr. and Mrs. Sameer Gafoor 

Meredith and Andy Galloway 

Katie Garms

Arturo Garza

Haleh and Leyla Ghassemi 

Cheryl M. Gillen

Dr. Laura Gladstone-Larkins and Mr. Brett Larkins

Parker Henry Glass 

Dennis and Tina Godecke

Gabriel Goldberg and Willie Mullins 

Ms. Sharon S. Goldberg

Goldman Sachs & Co. 

Gary and Ann Gosanko 

Analie Gozum

Molly Grant

Mrs. Danielle Green

Dr. Martin L. Greene and Kathleen Wright TS

Steve Grey 

Stephanie Griffin 

Leonie Griswold 

Kristi Guay

Linda Hannick and Henry Maury 

Linda and Ted Hanson

Pat Hardina 

Sarah Harris

Dr. Lizabeth Hart

Dr. Matthew Hartman and Ms. Luna Seo

Sofiane Hassaine 

Michael Hastings 

Ms. Ruby Okada and Mr. Michael Hatmaker 

Misty Havens

Kristin Hawes

P. Greg Hayes, M.D. 

Heavy Restaurant Group 

Todd and Katie Heckel

Larry and Mary Ann Heeren 

Eric M. Heinberg, M.D.

Mr. Leonard Hembd 

Jay Hepworth

Glen and Ann Hiner 

Sue and Chris Hoffman

Jo Ann and Tom R. Hornsten, M.D. 

Dr. Marc Horton and Mrs. Margaret Horton 

Dewey and Meaghan Hostetler

Robin Houck, M.D. and Sarah Rice 

Amanda and Zach Howes

Drs. Paul and Jane Huang 

Mr. Ryan Huettl

Mrs. Anna M. Huffman TS 

Jillian and Nathan Hulings 

Connie Hulse

Ms. Susan Huot 

Martha Hutchinson 

Michelle Huynh 

Lynn Hvalsoe

Dr. Aileen M. Hwang 

Barbra Hyman 

Carol E. Inukai 

Catherine Iwicki 

Douglas B. Jaquez

Alan and Vickie Jarvimaki 

Jim Jeffers

Rachel Jenner and Jeremiah Powers 

Mrs. Eva Y. Jensen

Carolyn L. Johnson

Mrs. Judy Johnson Kibble and Mr. Edward Kibble

Ms. Sandra S. Johnson 

Ms. Shelli M. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Iry Jones 

Melissa and Eric Jones 

Mr. Barry Kaufman 

Leah Kaufman

Ms. Kendra Kelly 

Thomas Keolker

Eric and Courtney Keppler 

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. King

Klineburger Family Rev. Living Trust 

Bea and Harvey Kriloff

Ms. Jody Kris 

John Kunkel 

Justine Kunz

Mrs. Karen E. Laband

Nicole LaFollette and Andrew Shanahan 

Stewart Landefeld and Margaret Breen 

Dr. Brian C. Lange

Karen and Paul Lanspery 

Larissa Sofia Salon 

Wayne and Bev Lauerman 

Gary Lauritsen

Kelsie and John Laveta

Mr. and Mrs. David Lawrence 

Blair and Georgia Leckie 

Peter Ledeboer

Lillian Leggett 

Jeffrey Lenihan 

Mike and Cheri Levy 

Mrs. Mei-Ling Lin 

Megan Lisk

Bob Loeffelbein

Tom Loeser and April Bauer 

Mrs. Stephanie Long 

Michal and Gordon Lotzkar 

Ms. Cynthia L. Love

Dell and Carole Lowell 

Todd Lum

Nick Lund

Ms. Erin Lyons 

Ms. Valerie E. Lytle 

Wayne MacInnes 

The Markets LLC 

Brent Martin

Dr. and Mrs. James C. Martin 

Julie Martina

Dr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Martinez 

Elizabeth L. Mason

Mr. Scott Massey 

Charmaine Massong 

Samer G. Mattar, M.D. 

Michael Maxin

Mr. Kenneth Mayeda 

Pat and Jan Mayer 

Frayne McAtee

Kim McCary 

Mark McClure

McDougall & Sons, Inc. 

Christopher J. McGann, M.D. 

Tim and Jeannie McGinnis 

Francine McGuire

Karen and Mark McInerney 

Kari and Steve McIntyre 

Mary B. McWhirter

Dr. Raman Menon 

Kenneth Merideth 

Shaw Merrill 

Jeffrey Meyer 

Karen Michelsen

Dr. John Mignone and Ms. Meena Selvakumar 

Gail and John Millan

Kim Millen

Joyce and Robert Miller 

Eileen Miller-Bauer

Andrea Millikan and Chris Robinson 

Ken Milne

Minor & James OB/GYN 

MissWit Designs, L.L.C. 

Glenn and Melissa Montero

Dr. David Moore and Mrs. Estelle Moore 

Amy Morgan

Lori and John Morgan 

Ms. Margery E. Morrell 

Naomi Morris

Christa and Dwight Motz

Mount Tacoma Post – Society of American Military Engineers

John Munn 

Mary V. Murfey

Mrs. Karen Murphy 

Fernanda Musa 

Juile Nagel 

Eleanore Nelson

Patricia Newcomb-Gayman and Vincent Gayman

Dolan Newell

Kevin and Lorraine Newman 

Dr. Santo Nicosia

Steven Nordgren 

Rebecca Norlander 

Ron Norris

Norton Corrosion Limited, LLC 

James O’Halloran

Dr. and Mrs. John V. Olsen 

Dr. and Mrs. Hal Olsson 

Dr. Shane O’Mahony

John E. O’Mara, M.D.

Julie and Gary E. Oppenheim, M.D. 

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Drs. Pamela and Jonathan Paley 

Kerry E. Parsinen

Dr. Teresa Patani and Dr. Anand Patani 

Erik Paulson

Nick and Kathleen Paulson 

Dixie Peaslee

Gillian Peckham 

Scooter, Helen and Gwendolyn Perrenot 

Jon and LuAnne Perry 

Dr. Charles Peterson and Mrs. Judith Peterson 

Susan and Larry Peterson 

Dr. Oana Petrescu and Mr. Cristian Agafi 

Ms. Polly Pettersen

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pettit 

Mrs. Linda Pickard

Paul Poirier

Mrs. Judy G. Poll

Dr. Darren R. Pollock 

Ms. Sandra K. Porter

Potbelly Sandwich Works, L.L.C. 

Peter and Maryanne Powell 

Sachia and David Powell 

Shannon Prothero

Public Works, JBLM 

Lori and Timothy Punke 

Ms. Meng Qian

Renee Raison 

Frank Rasmussen

Marcy and Robert Rebar 

Terri Rebar

Wendy Redding

Michael and Shelly Reiss 

Ms. Carlotta Reynolds TS 

Laura Rhodes

Bret and Hanna Richheimer 

Mr. Seth Rierson

Michael and Maureen Rimkus 

Ms. Heidi Rivkin and Professor Benjamin Jacobs 

Jackie and Greg Roberts

Dr. William Roberts and Mrs. Kathy Roberts

Lana Robertson 

Aaron Robins

Peggy and Kevin Roche 

Estate of Fern Meryl Rogow 

Kermit and Judy Rosen

Rabbi and Mrs. Jay Rosenbaum 

Ms. Gina M. Rosengrant

Emily E. Ross Trust 

Gwen J. Ross

Nicholas and Emily Ross 

Beth and Steve Rowley 

Mr. Jeffrey K. Rubin 

Margaret Rudin

Salt & Iron

Micah and Sheryl Samuels 

Mark and Kristen Sanders 

Ms. Cathy A. Sarkowsky 

Barbara D. Schatz

Alan Schiller

Dr. and Mrs. Irwin Schiller 

Lisa Schnall

Mylyn Schroeder

Lora Schuldt and Family 


Seattle Reproductive Medicine 

Susanne and Bernie Seidel

Dr. Joseph A. Shamseldin 

Maryann Shango, M.D. 

Ms. Carol Sharp 

Jacqueline Sharp

Mr. Ben Shaw 

Waqas Sheikh 

Sigma Nu Fraternity

Tracy and Sean Sigmon

Lilly Silva and Nick Bolthouse 

Dr. Dyan Simon and Mr. Edward Talerman 

Sheryl Skinner

Colleen Smith

Dan and Christy Smith 

William Snyder

Perry Solmonson 

Russell Songco 

SonoSite Inc.

Doug and Marilyn Southern

Denise St. Dennis and Russell Hayes 

Dr. Steven Stanos

Starbucks Corp.

Dr. Robert Stark and Mrs. Corky Stark 

Mrs. Therese Marie Stein

Josh and Keely Stranahan 

Kristin and Kyle Sugamele 

Kristen M. Swanson, Ph.D., R.N. 

Teresa Swenson

Waverly Swenson 

Ms. Linda Talley 

Tenino Lions Club

Bill and Katie Teplicky 

Donna and Tony Thacher

Amy Theobald and Carabeth Lee

Debra Thompson 

Robert M. Thompson Jr. 

Webb Thomsen

Chris and Chuck Thrash 

Chuck and Gayle Thuot 

Dr. Andrew Ting and Mrs. Jennifer Ting 

Eric Todderud

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Tompkins 

Top Pot Doughnuts

Travelers Employee Giving Campaign 

Lee Travis and Candice Jackson

Dr. Leslie Tregillus and Mr. Thomas Jones

Triangle Marine

The Trujillo Ringe Family 

Jon and Erin Trumbull 

Kristi A. Tubbs

Galen Turner

The Ultimate Melt, L.L.C. 

Mahesh Unnikrishnan 


Ms. Sandra Valdivia

Dale Vogel and Nancy Bird 

Walter Von Der Linden 

Leslie Vona

Melissa Waggener Zorkin 

Dr. Arpan Waghray 

Barbara and Dan Walden

Jeff Walker and Jennifer McGill 

Joe Walker

Ms. Dingding Tina Wang 

Juli Warburton

Dr. and Mrs. Joel M. Wassermann 

Jay and Mary Ann Watson

Mr. Bert W. Welch Jr. 

Steve and Shari Welch

Winter and Darryl S. Wells, M.D. 

Kelle Wells

Dr. Sean Wells and Mrs. Kimberly Wells 

Edwin Werner

Joanna Whaley 

Kay Whelan

Mr. Mickey Whitaker Jr. 

Mari and Norman Whitaker 

Nicole Wiederhold

Ms. Jane Wiegenstein

Dr. Karen Wilke and Mr. Bob Duffy 

Judy Williams Wanamaker

Debra and Joseph Williamson 

Galen Wilson

Lisa Winterroth and Lucas McCarthy 

Gary Wipfler

Gerda and Jean-Pierre* Wirz TS

Selas Woldehiwot 

Lisa Wolfendale 

Lori Wood

Linda and Gary Workman 

William W. Wurts

Mark Yamamoto

Dr. Tiong-Keat Yeoh

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Zeiler 

Dr. Ming Zhang

Eileen Zimmerly

Katherine Zinger and Corey Miller 

Katherine Zintel

Dr. Adam H. Zivin


Anonymous (13) 

Mary Aaselund 

Joanne Abelson 

Joni Accomazzo 

Mr. Jamie Adair

Dean and Lori Adams 

Randy and Terri Adams 

Mrs. Shawna R. Ader 

Liz Aguilar

Ms. Alice S. Albright 

Ms. Adria Alhadeff 

Pamela J. Allen-Bowles 

Marsha and Tom Alperin

AmazonSmile Foundation 

Andina and Dennis Anderson 

Brian Anderson

Mr. Eric D. Anderson 

Mr. Jack Anderson 

Jim Anderson

Anne Anderson

Ms. Vickie B. Andrews 

Joel and Amy Arensberg 

Familia - Itziar Aretxabaleta 

Argosy Cruises

Kathleen Arntson 

Nicole and John Arwine 

Ms. Carol A. Asahara

Mr. Lawrence Asher and Ms. Marcia Dare

Ms. Mary K. Atwood 

Avennia Winery

Sally Avenson, C.N.M. 

Tom and Linda Avery

Mr. James G. Azares-Burns 

Bob and Anita Bagga 

Mitchell Balzer

Mr. Carl Bangle 

Ms. Susie T. Barrett 

Deborah Bass 

David Batchelder

Mr. and Mrs. Felipe M. Bautista 

Carl and Arlene Beckett

Jack Behrens

Julie and Stephen Bennett 

Ms. Susan Bennett

Julie Ben-Simon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bensussen 

Dave and Donna Bernard 

Sherie and Tim Bernardez 

Gerald Bernhoft

John and Kathy Bezold 

Bruce and Theresa Bicknell 

Terri Black

Mrs. Kelly Blair

Blue Heron Golf Course 

Mrs. Claire Blustein 

Donna Blyshak

James and Darla Bocinsky 

William A. Bock

Ms. Claire J. Boe TS

Tom and Jill Boehmer

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Bolender 

Bill Bowden

Erika Boyd

Muriel and Robert Boyd 

Steve Braaten

Molly Brackett

Terry and Mark Brashem 

Henry Brelje

Lynn and Sharon Briggs

Ms. Kathryn A. Brock 

Alan Brookfield

Gary and Kathleen Brose 

Mr. Jeff Brown

Kevin Brown

Dr. and Mrs. James D. Bruckner 

Ms. Brenda M. Bryan TS

JoAnn Buchanan and Stephen Smith 

Ms. Kaylee Bunge

Joe Burich

Carolyn and Robert Burnham 

Mr. Christopher Burrows 

Daniela Buscariollo

Melissa Bustamante 

Ms. Lylanie Cabrera

Cadence Design Systems Inc. 

Teena and Randie Cadwell 

James P. Cannon

David Caparelli

Lindsay and Kristopher Capello 

Mark Cappo

Jean Carlsen

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Carver 

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Cary 

Glenn and Treva Casto

Ms. Jennifer Casto 

Katelin Cavens

Mr. Jimmy L. Ceasar 

Kellie Cecotti 

Amorlina Cerbas

Georgie and Roger Chaffin 

Terry and Isaac Chamaty 

Dr. David Charney

Fan Chen 

Derek Cheng 

Julie Chermack 

Nancy Chesnutt

Ms. Teryl Chewning 

Dale Chihuly and Leslie Jackson Chihuly SC

Kannie Chim, M.D. 

Mr. David W. Chinn

Christopher Togawa Insurance Agency 

CHS Band & ColorGuard Boosters 

Ms. Jeanne Chung

Claudia L. Church

Lisa Clark and Jim McKenna 

Ms. Gini Clayton

Shelby Clayton 

Mrs. Linda E. Cole

Wendy E. Colgan, R.N. 

Ms. Jennifer M. Collins 

Gena Columbus

Kami and Patrick Combes 

Computrition, Inc.

Dr. Pamela E. Cooper

Jeff and Penny Coppersmith 

Marilyn Corets and Adam Mihlstin 

Roxanne and Nicholas Corff

Ms. Nancy Corrado 

Michelle and Billy Corral 

Ms. Cynthia M. Cosgrove 

Mr. Robert Couch

Jack and Patricia Cox 

Mr. John Coyle

Robert and Gail Cranmer 

Mrs. Julie M. Crosby

Lori Cross

The Cundiff Family

Margaret Curtin and Jim Wilder 

Cutter & Buck, Inc.

Lynn Cutter

Sam Davidson 

Cath Davis

Colleen and Malik Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Davis 

Patricia L. Dawson, M.D. Ph.D. and Donna H. Kerr, Ph.D. 

Ana Day

Bonnie O’Brien de Boer 

Terry De Valois

John Delfeld 

Lisa Dembo

Larry Demmert Jr. 

Jerry and Jill Devenport 

Devonway, Inc.

Mrs. Sharon Diehl 

Anthony Dillingham 

Mike and Lorie Dingacci

Randy and Lorie Docksteader 

Katelyn and John Dolence 

Myra and James Doles

M. Denise Dollar

Cathy and Ron Donckers 

Joy Donogh

Mr. Gary Doty

Robert and Joy Drovdahl 

John and Julie Duggan 

Robert and Donna Dughi 

Dustin Durso

Ms. Mara S. Dyczewski 

Earl and Denise Ecklund

Roger Coe and Anne Froberg Eddy 

Elevation Cellars

Jason Elliott

Drs. Erin and William Ellis 

Robert Elya

Jody and Michael Epstein 

John Erdelyan

Kristen Erxleben 

Ms. Joan V. Espe 

Mr. Steven P. Etier

Glenn and Mary Beth Evans 

Expedia Inc.

Mrs. Hengameh Fakhar-Moghaddam 

Lijiang Fang

Mr. John Fann

Darlene and Karl Fanus 

Ms. Joni Farris

John and Katy Fearnside

Frances Ferraro and Lloyd McIsaac 

John Ferreira

Mr. Daniel Finch

Rodney and Lauren Fisher 

Linda Fitzgerald

Nancy and Chris Fleck 

Ed and Fran Fleming

Carolyn and John Fletcher 

Keith Foe

Arzu and Reza Forough 

Beth Foster

Mr. Robin B. Fox 

Rosaline Fox

Mr. Roland A. Franada 

Mr. Stephen W. Franke 

Julie Fraser

William and Amy Freund 

Alfred Friedman

Tina Friesen 

Alla Frolov

Rabbi Jodie Futornick 

Roger and Jane Gage 

Christine Galavotti

Ms. Michelle A. Garcia-Arcos 

Elizabeth and Jeff Gates 

Tracy Gawryk

Robbie Gehre 

Tracey Geiersbach

Ms. Aimee Rivkin Germany and Mr. Jason Germany

Brad and Sandra Gerrish 

Joan Gifford

Kristi Glaze

Andrew and Amy Glover 

Bobbie and Mary Goeglein 

Anu and Arpana Goel

Bob and Carole Goldberg

 John C. Golliet

Mrs. Deborah Gonzalez 

Jessica Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Graham 

Mr. Roger Grambihler

Gravy Christine Gray

Ms. Linda S. Gray

Rick and Jeannie Greaves

Courtney Gregoire and Scott Lindsay 

Henry W. Grenley

John Griffin, M.D. 

Susan Griffith 

Anne Gross TS 

Charlene Guanlao 

Sonja Gustafson 

Jeff Gvillo

Dr. Marlene Haffner 

Ken and Lynn Hagan 

Susan Hagerty

Evan Hall

Mr. Kenneth Hall 

Debra Hallas-Uber 

Carys A. Hamer

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Hanan 

Blair Hanewall

Jason and Lindsey Hansen 

Setsuko Harada TS

Nicole C. Hardina 

Linda and Bill Hardwick 

Jay and Inice Harper 

John R. Harper

Dr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Harris 

Cynthia Harris

Ms. Renae A. Hawkins 

Richard Hayashi, D.D.S. and Mrs. Beverly Hayashi 

Kari Hayden

Stacia N. Hayes

Paul and Donna Hays 

Narcisa and Alvin Hendricks 

Jim Henricks

Kayleen Henricks 

Joshua Henriot 

Jeff Henry

H. C. Henson 

Kramer Henson

Nancy and Asher Hershey 

Korynna Hesketh

Ms. Jaclyn Hess

Celestia Higano and Jack Singer 

Mrs. Sharon J. Higgins

Ms. Winnifred Hill 

Ruth S. Hockenbery 

Robert T. Hogg, M.D. 

Ms. Lynn R. Holmes

Homestead Farms Golf Club 

Jennie Hong

Mike and Suzanne Hoonan 

Elizabeth Hooton

Julie Horng 

Joan Hoshino 

James House

Ms. Valarie Howard 

Scott and Lois Howell 

Lingxuan Hu

Jeff Huard 

Keith E. Hurn

Bryce Hutchings

Mr. Clay C. Hutchinson

Margaret L. Hutchison, M.D. and Thomas Hutchison

Laura Hyett 

John Hyman 

Robert Iddins

Margaret Imber and Lisa Maurizio 

Chuck and Carol Ingram

Barbara Innes 

Susan Ireland 

Ms. Elise C. Irwin

Nancy and Jim Irwin

Mr. Todd Jablonski and Family 

Jerry and Laura Jacobs

Dr. Loretta Jancoski 

Greg and LaFon Jantz

Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Jenkins 

Katherine and Larry Jensen 

Chalee Johnson

Cynthia Johnson 

Jeff Johnson 

James Johnson 

Pat Johnson 

Tamatha Jordan 

Mrs. Christie Jucht

Sue, John and Rebecca Kalnasy 

John Kammerer

Gohar Kanungo 

Cindi Kato

Mike and Lisa Kennedy 

Barbara and William Kennett 

Ann Keppler

Kersey Mobility 

Gregory Kerton 

Svetlana Khristoforova 

Amy Kim and Family 

Kathy Kimball

Mr. Jacob King

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kinnaman 

Dr. Heather Kipa-Joseph 

Barbara and Judd Kirk 

Elizabeth Kirwin

Kiana Klepper 

Dana Knowlton

Michael Ko and Mami Shimomura 

Wendy Koob

Dr. Eliyahu Krigel 

Mr. Kevin Kuck 

Mrs. Cheryl Kugler

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Kumasaka 

Kristie Lai

Bonnie Lake 

Jennifer Lamharzi 

Jason Lane 

Martha Laper

Sandi and Ken Larsen 

Brook Larson

John Lass

John and Judy Lavelle 

Thanh Le

Mike and Taylor Leahey

Patti Leahy

Leder/Greeman Family Foundation 

Allan and Eunice Lee

Chun Lee 

Dennis Lee 

Kyong R. Lee

Mrs. Seok-Lay Lee

Karl, Sarah, Emerson and Karsen Lehrmann

Dawn Lemmel 

Stan Lemmel

Lenovo Employees Care 

Megan and Michael Lentz 

Orin Levine

Anne Lewis 

Beverly Lewis 

Glenn Light

Seok Bee Lim, D.M.D. 

Kathy Lin

Bob and Joan Linden 

Dr. Zachary N. Litvack 

Frances W. Lloyd

Ms. Glenna Locke and Mr. Gary Kawahara

James and Marianne Lockhart 

Duane and Susan Locknane 

Ms. Teresa M. Lockridge

Sally Loeser 

John Logar

Mr. Xun Long and Mrs. Liying Yan 

Louella Look

Guy A. Love 

Nate Lubetkin 

Misty Lucero

Lois Maag and Bill Stokes 

Robin and Mark Maass 

William MacDonald 

Patricia and Darrel Mack

Douglas and Susan MacKinnon 

Cheryl Magee

Ms. Jennifer S. Mager 

Judy Maleng

Jeremy Malone 

Mrs. Carrie Mapes 

Robert Marshall 

Lorna Martina

Ms. Diane M. Mass 

Sharon Mattson

Rick and Michelle McAbee 

Manny and Maria McBride 

Michael McCarthy

Mary Lou McClure 

Bruce McComas 

McCormick Family 

Gary Kevin McCulley 

Janie McDavid 

Kathy McDonald 

Peggy McDonald 

Douglas McElroy 

Medea McGraw

Rosemary McMaines 

Beth McManus 

Cheryl McQuiston 

Peggy Mekuria 

Allison Melchert 

Daniel Melendez

Ms. Joan Merrill

Jamie and Jeff Merriman-Cohen 

Mrs. Karla Merritt

Kris and Rick Metcalf 

Mr. Arnold I. Miller 

Thomas Miller

William Misocky 

Barbara Moak

Samayullah Mohammadi 

Ms. Karyn J. Monat 

Shelby Montgomery

Barbara and Steven Mooers 

Ann Moore

K. Moore 

Linda J. Moore 

Gary R. Mudd

Dr. and Mrs. Marr P. Mullen 

Lorri Munsey-Snyder

Drs. Michael and Erane Myint 

Joni and Mark Nakagawa

National Multiple Sclerosis Society 

Mary and Tim Nelson

Cass Nevada 

Jon Newman 

Sarah Newman 

Vy D. Nguyen

Kristin and Elton Nichols 

Cynthia Nicholson

Judy and Steve Niver 

Anne Nogatch

Ms. Julie K. Norman 

Northwest Shorelines Inc. 

Penelope Vaughn Nyder 

Bailey Nygard

Ms. Patricia M. O’Brien 

Mr. and Mrs. Ron O’Gwin 

Brent and Leone Olsen 

Ms. Carolyn J. Olsen

Opus Community Foundation 

Ms. Margaret O’Reilly-Brown and Mr. Stanley Brown 

Peggie Orem

Bryan L. Oster

Lauri* and Thomas Ott 

John and Molly Otter

Ms. Lauren Owen and Mr. Simon Siegl 

Christine Page

Ms. Emily Palisoc 

Ms. Lily Y. Pang 

Jose Panganiban 

Tish Paolino 

Grace Park 

Becky Parrish 

Tina Parsons 

Tim Pearl

David Pederson 

Michael Peeler 

Charles Peifer

Janice and Jay Pendergast 

Jamie Pense

Mr. Gilbert D. Perez 

Douglas and Teresa Perry

Mr. and Mrs. L. Douglas Peterson 

Lydia Petrakis

Charles and Tammy Piatok 

Dr. and Mrs. John J. Pittari 

Brandon Placek

Jessica Placek 

Corrie Pollard 

David Pollart

Loretta and Carl Poschman 

Jacqui Posey

Brenda and Kevin Poskitt 

Mary and Douglas Powell 

Mark and Christine Protus 

Ms. Catherine A. Purpur 

Jean Pyle

Elizabeth Quarrie 

Neil and Lu Quinn 

Ryan Quinn 

Sarah Quon

Ms. Janis K. Radtke 

Ms. Gurubaljeet Rai 

Patricia Rakes

Rita D. Range 

Aldrin Raqueno

Dan and Elba Raven 

Mr. Donald Raymar 

Chris and Shelli Read 

Carol and Elbert Reed

Ms. Rosalie Tibayan Reed 

Mr. Scott P. Reese

Kathy Reid

Susan Reid

Ms. Julia Renouard 

Mr. Scott Renz

Mr. Robert G. Resta TS 

Dr. Donna Richman 

Maxine Riordan

Lynn Ristig and Craig Shrontz 

Jeremy Rivera

Lourdes Rivera Ortiz 

Sarah and Doug Rivers 

Ms. Jessica Rivkin

Ms. Melissa Rivkin and Mr. David Cohanim

Mrs. Janet Robinson 

Gina Rodrigues

Mrs. Kathy Rolfs 

Ms. Susan L. Rose

Mr. and Mrs. James Rosenwald 

Gayle Roth

Joseph and Terry Rothchild 

Nancy Rowe

Lynn Rowland

Carlo and Elena Ruelos 

Marci and Jim Rupert 

Dena Ruther

Edith Rutledge

Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland P.P.L.C. 

Art Safarli

Chizuko Sakai

Stephanie and Anthony Sansone 

Bill Santamaria

Michelle Santone 

Paula Sapp

Blythe and Chris Sather 

Peggy Satterfield 

Nathan Schirle

Warren Schliiter

Ms. Crista Schneider 

Libby Schoenborn 

Angela Schuldt 

Bridget Schuller

Michael J. Scoles, D.M.D. 

Edward Sedenquist 

Kathleen Seeley

Mr. Russell K. Segawa 

Robert Sekijima, D.D.S. 

Taunya and Frans Sell 

Olga Seregina

Hannah and Josh Service 

Ashok Sharma

Shellbie and Steve Shaw 

Michelle and Jay Shleifer 

Rex and Jean Shoemake 

Dr. and Mrs. Martin Siegel TS 

Laura Siemion

Scott Silver

Todd and Teresa Silver 

Jim Simmons

The Sinconis Family 

Sip Dip-n-Doodle 

John and Patti Slavin

Landis and Patricia Smaaladen 

Aaron Small

Kim Smedsrud 

Mrs. Heather Smith 

Mrs. Judy Smith

R. Jean Smith 

Kelli Smith-Bailey

Ms. Paula J. Smithers

Cynthia and Richard Sonstelie 

Asma Sood

Toni Sorenson 

Shirley Sowers

Spiro’s Pizza & Pasta Shoreline 

Starbucks – Hwy 99 and 185th Shoreline 

State of Washington

Ms. Naomi J. States 

Phil and Teresa Stein 

Gail and Edgar Steinitz 

Brad Stern

Jessica M. Stevenson 

Clive and Carolyn Stewart

Dr. Joy Stiefel and Mr. David Stiefel 

Donald Stonefeld, M.D.

Marvin Stover 

Ken Strausz

Stephanie Strausz and Ken Levy 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Street 

Peter Summerville

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Swanson 

Catherine Sweeney and Richard Wynne 

Barbara Symonds

Mr. Michael F. Sythe 

Dr. Jennifer Taggart

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Taraday 

Kathryn Taylor

Laura Taylor 

Tallsa Taylor

Jan and Benny Teal 

Sandy Teeple 

Michael Tepper

Mr. Kim Thayil 

Henry G. Therrien 

Lynne Thomas

Robert and Anne Thomas 

Ms. Deborah L. Thompson

Nancy and Stephen Thompson 

Jena Thornton

James Thorpe

Todd Thull and Kathy Redondo-Thull 

Tesfeh Tiruneh

Lynn and John Tissell 

T-Mobile USA

Ms. Kathleen S. To

Marcy Tobin and Daniel Katz 

Elva C. Tokarski

Norma Tollman

Les and Lynn Tolzin 

Cynthia Toms

Mr. Maine Tonkin

Richard and Ann Totorica 

Michael Toulouse 

Barbara Tourtillotte

Mr. Kevin Traetow 

Andrea F. Tull

Brian Tunget

Turning Point Community Church 

Robert Twedt

UBS Donor-Advised Fund 

Howard M. Uman, M.D. 

UnitedHealth Group 

Tamara Uson

Mr. Michael Van Buskirk 

Julie and Eric Varness 

Mr. Michael R. Vaughan 

William Vaughn

Lynne and Brad Vea 

Ann and Jude Ventic

Chelsea and Peter Vessenes 

VFW Skyway Auxiliary Post 9430 

Phil Vivolo

Ms. Kathryn Volk

Jim and Sarah Volkmann 

Nicole von Ellinghaus 

Pooja Voria

Dam Vu 

Amy Vuong

Pamela Wagner 

Ms. Patty J. Walker 

Ty Walker

Ralene and Burton Walls 

Susan E. Warner-Murray 

Jennifer Warnick

Kathleen and John Warren 

Ms. Jeanette Washington 

Kat Watkins

Kim and Gregg Watkins 

Jim and Andrea Watson 

Tina and Paul Weber 

Marie Webster

Sharon Weed

Landon Weigel and Ashley Zeba 

Ms. Anneliese M. Weik, A.R.N.P. 

Peter Wembodinga

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Wenala 

Kippen and Eric Westphal 

Ben and Gilda Wheeler

Lan Whiting 

Levi Whitley 

Diane Wicklund

Jean and Paul Wiegand 

Gary and Laurie Wilke 

Beverly Wilkinson

Dr. Ryan Will

Sara Williams and Kevin Foreman 

Timothy A. Williams

David Wilson

Dr. Laurel J. Wiltbank 

Phil Wiltse

Alison Winfield 

Diane Winterroth 

Sabrina Wood

Ross and Leslie Woodard 

Ms. Jennifer Workman 

Pajdib Xiong

Liane Yahnig

Mr. Roger S. Yamaguchi

Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Yeomans 

Harry and Elaine Yoshihara

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Youssef 

Myrna Yuasa

Naomi and Raymond Zavislak 

Ilan Zawadzki

Ms. Rosalee W. Zingheim 

Laura L. Zollner