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Caregiver Campaign Champions

Thank you for joining us to be a 2019 Caregiver Campaign Champion!

Your job is to help spread the word among your colleagues, answer questions and encourage participation. Here’s the resources to answer your questions and get caregivers connected:

2019 Campaign Champion Information

What’s the Caregiver Campaign?
Created in 2006, the Caregiver Campaign is Swedish’s annual employee giving program, giving caregivers the opportunity to support our patients and colleagues by making a gift to Swedish. This year’s campaign is called Heroes for Health, highlighting the superhero role you play when you go above and beyond by giving philanthropically to Swedish.

What’s a Campaign Champion?
As a Champion, your job is to help spread the word among your colleagues, answer questions and encourage participation.

Who can be a Champion?
Any Swedish caregiver! We’re looking for all enthusiastic caregivers who believe in the power of giving and want to help get caregivers involved.

What does a Champion do?

  • Share Campaign Info with Your Department - Put up posters and table tents in your break room and share campaign info at your staff meeting (or invite the Foundation).
  • Encourage participation - Wear your cape and hand out the “How to Give” cards and candy
  • Be a resource - Answer questions about how to give and what areas people can support at Swedish.

2019 Caregiver Campaign Goal: Increase participation to 10%
Last year, 7.5% (about 900) Swedish physicians and caregivers made a gift to Swedish.
We believe we can do better, but we need you. Every dollar makes a difference. Every gift matters. With your participation and help, we hope to reach 10% participation!

Your Next Step: Champion Campus Kick-Off Lunch

Pick up a box lunch and your Champion supplies: Swedish Hero for Health Cape, posters and table tents, How to Give cards and candy, and your special Champion thank you gift! Unable to attend? We’ll deliver the materials to you, just let us know.

Champion Timeline & To Do:

Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact: 

Lindsay Capello
Director of Annual Giving