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Caregiver Campaign Ambassadors

Fill out the form if you’re ready to sign up or nominate someone. If you want more information about what it means to be an Ambassador, keep reading. 

What is the Caregiver Campaign? The Caregiver Campaign is employee giving campaign when all caregivers are encouraged to sign up for payroll deductions, increase their current deductions, or make one-time gifts to support Swedish. This year the Campaign will kick-off on June 15. 

Where does the money go? Anywhere you choose! Caregivers can direct their donations to any program at Swedish such as the general support fund or the Employee Emergency Fund.

What is an Ambassador? Ambassadors are the voice of the campaign. Before and during the two-week period, they introduce the program to fellow employees, answer questions, and encourage co-workers to get involved by giving back.

Who can be an Ambassador? Any Swedish caregiver, regardless of title, department or location! The more people we have on board leading the way, the more successful the Caregiver Campaign will be. Ambassadors should be natural leaders, respected by their peers, and, most importantly, embody the culture of philanthropy and believe that “Generosity starts with us.”

What does an Ambassador do? With the help of the Foundation, ambassadors will:

  • Get caregivers excited about the campaign before it starts by sending emails, inviting Foundation staff to present at staff meetings, or making presentations themselves
  • Be a cheerleader during the campaign by giving updates and encouraging participation from everyone
  • Act as a resource for caregivers who have questions about the campaign

How does being an Ambassador benefit me? Being an ambassador is a great way to:

  • Get more involved with Swedish
  • Build leadership skills
  • Get to know your co-workers across Swedish
  • Learn more about the Foundation and how our donors help Swedish provide the best care.
  • Contribute to a culture of giving and increase staff morale

How do I sign up? If you’re interested in being an ambassador, or if you know someone who would make a great ambassador, fill out the form and the Foundation will be in touch. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 206-386-2738 or foundation@swedish.org. Thank you!