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Your 2017 annual report

You are changing lives

You are part of a long tradition at Swedish—improving the health and well-being of our community with your philanthropic support. For more than a century, caring people like you have given the gift of wellness to our community. Day after day, you bring extraordinary, often life-changing care to so many patients across our region.

Your Impact

It was hard for Karen Bienz to watch Steven deteriorate from an aggressive form of melanoma that eventually took his life at the age of 25. Steven’s cancer story began when his dermatologist removed a “weird-looking” mole from his collarbone. When the pathology report showed it was melanoma, the dermatologist referred Steven to a surgeon to have several lymph nodes removed to check for cancer cells. All of the nodes were cancer free, so Steven went on with his life.

By the Numbers

The following accomplishments are just a few examples of the patient care, research and education programs at Swedish that are possible thanks to your philanthropic support. For example, our expanded Pediatric Therapy facility now helps more children with disabilities develop the skills they need to lead active and independent lives. Thank you for making this kind of extraordinary health care possible at Swedish.

Your Investment

You invested more than $18.1 million in extraordinary care at Swedish in 2017 – thank you!

Donor Recognition

Last year, you invested more than $18 million in innovative and compassionate health care at Swedish. The following recognizes investments made between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2017. Thank you for your extraordinary caring.

Stellar Club Distinguished Visionaries: $2,500,000+

Dr. Anthony Lo and Dr. Susan Scanlan SC

Stellar Club Visionaries: $1,000,000+

Dr. Nancy Auer and Randal Houtz SC TS

Elizabeth Webber and Gregory Hanson SC

Bob and Valerie Yurina SC

Stellar Club Leaders: $500,000+

The Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation SC

Harley and Lela Franco SC

Jane B. Halligan SC

Peter E. Johanson SC

The Norcliffe Foundation SC

Stellar Club Partners: $250,000+

Estate of George B. Hampton SC

Ralph and Gail Hendrickson SC

John L. Locke Jr. Charitable Trust - Robin Erzinger Knepper, Lida Buckner, Evelyn Anderson SC

Susan J. McGregor Trust SC

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pellegrino SC

University of Washington SC

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